Metalink Secures OpenSea’s Channels of Communication to NFT Community

Metalink is a community engagement platform for collectors and NFT marketplaces, created to provide safe and secure channels of communication.

Quick take:

  • Metalink has partnered with OpenSea to offer secure communication channels to the NFT community.
  • The partnership will enable owners of Metalink supported collections will be able to communicate directly with OpenSea.
  • The partnership comes after OpenSea discontinued responding to direct messages from the community on Discord.

The world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea has partnered with the NFT community engagement platform Metalink to offer secure channels of communications. The collaboration comes after OpenSea chose to discontinue responding to direct messages from members on its Discord Channel.

Metalink offers safe and secure channels of communications to collectors and collections owners, protecting the community against spam, whilst offering positive and informed communication. 

OpenSea’s decision to move to a more secure communication and engagement platform comes after its Discord channel was breached by fraudsters who impersonated its support associates, preventing the community from establishing a direct link to the OpenSea team.

OpenSea’s Head of Community, Stevey Tromberg said there will be a dedicated OpenSea server in the collection menu on Metalink.

The server creates a direct channel for collection owers and collectors to interact directly with OpenSea, including asking for support and receiving updates, as well as, giving feedback.

“We will have dedicated community support staff from OpenSea spending a few hours a day in Metalink, all of whom will be marked as verified OpenSea staff [on the Metalink platform].”

The communication channel will be opened gradually, with owners of Cryptopunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, World of Women, Cool Cats, Doodles, Cyberkongz, Cryptoadz, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Coolman’s Universe, which are already onboarded gaining early access.

MetaLink said it will be adding more collections from OpenSea in the coming months.

The platform will eventually host all OpenSea community interactions. Commenting on the service, MetaLink said “Without message requests, the ability to see who owns which NFTs, or seamless verification, it’s difficult to feel safe on other chat platforms,” adding that “whereas OpenSea solved for NFT transactions in web3, Metalink aspires to [offer solutions for the community].”

The platform is building a hub for NFT communities to communicate and collaborate, potentially solving one of the biggest challenges the industry faces. This year, we have already witnessed several community breaches involving traders following a phishing link posted on Discord Channel.

Creating a platform dedicated to hosting communications involving NFT communities alone could be the beginning of a major paradigm shift. And with the world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea already signing up to Metalink, more NFT marketplaces could follow.

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