Meta is Launching a New Login System for Its Metaverse Ecosystem

Meta’s vision is shifting further from its traditional social media business after announcing a new login system that will replace Facebook.
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  • Meta’s new generation of users will not need a Facebook account to use its metaverse worlds.
  • Next month the company is introducing a new type of login where users will be required to open a Meta account.
  • Meta says the account will allow users to interact with Quest hardware, to be rolled out to other metaverse devices in the future.

Meta’s evolution from a social media giant dependent on ad revenue into a metaverse-based ecosystem is advancing to the next level after the company announced plans to replace Facebook logins with a new Meta account ID system. 

Next month, Meta will introduce the new log-in system, which will be used to register new users to the company’s metaverse ecosystem. Although those with Facebook login credentials will still be able to access Meta products by logging in using their old addresses, it is not clear how long that capability will be supported.

The company also said Meta account users will be able to log in to the Quest hardware, which will be rolled out to all Meta devices in the future. There is already speculation about its next VR headset being called Quest Pro because of the pivotal role the hardware is set to play in Meta’s business empire.

Therefore, whilst Facebook address logins may continue to be supported indefinitely, they could be phased out naturally as users move to the new login system.

Users will also have the ability to link their Meta account to their Facebook and Instagram accounts. In addition, the company said it will allow users to have multiple Meta accounts, unlike Facebook. This will address a pressing issue concerning privacy after some VR users complained about having to use a private social media profile to play a video game. 

The new VR headset gives users the option to sign up for a Horizon profile as they create their Meta account. Horizon profiles also seem to be adopting the Instagram model of having followers rather than Friends (Facebook). However, Meta accounts for those aged 13-17 will still follow the “Friends” format keeping the accounts private by default.

The company is looking to accelerate the growth of its TikTok-like Reels feature on Facebook, which has been slowed by the private by default format.

Meta’s metaverse dream continues to face significant obstacles related to technology and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stressed that it could take years before some features become commercially viable.

The company said it plans to spend more on the metaverse in the coming years after pouring in $10 billion last year, which dented its bottom line.

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