Meta Integrates PTP Across Its Data Centres to Bring Precision Timing to the Metaverse

Meta is bringing precision timing to its data centres, which it says will be a fundamental component for building the metaverse.
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Quick take: 

  • Meta is integrating Precision Time Protocol across its data centres.
  • The company said it wants to sync its computer networks down to nanoseconds.
  • Meta claims precision timing will be a foundational component for metaverse technologies.

Meta Platforms Inc. (NASDAQ: META) has announced it is integrating Precision Time Protocol (PTP) across its data centres. The company said Monday it will use the technology to sync its computer networks down to nanoseconds.

The company said PTP will be a foundational component for metaverse technologies. The metaverse is a 3D virtual space made up of immersive worlds where people can interact through gaming, socialising, virtual concerts and other experiential events. 

The term metaverse became a trendy buzzword in October 2021 after Facebook rebranded to Meta Platforms in a nod to its new direction.

However, the company’s efforts have failed to yield desired results with some of its products having a negative impact on the overall performance of its primary ad-driven business.

But Zuckerberg has clung to his belief that the metaverse is the future of social interactions, a decision that has seen his wealth plummet by more than $70 billion following the collapse of the Meta stock price.

Now, although PTP is intended for all data centres and servers that Meta Platform’s computer networks interact with, the statement that it could play a crucial role in building the metaverse puts it right at the end of a growing list of Meta’s bets on the metaverse.

PTP technology is not new. It has been around since 2002 and has since improved cross-border timing and communication between platforms online.

Zuckerberg wants to make the precision timing as accurate and timely as possible. According to the announcement “improving synchronization can not only significantly improve performance but also open up opportunities to create new products and services.”

“It offers a new level of timing accuracy and precision that will benefit all of our technologies — whether people are creating and watching Reels on Facebook and Instagram, sending and receiving messages and making audio/video calls on Messenger, playing and watching games on Facebook Gaming, or building and exploring Meta Horizon Worlds,” wrote Meta.

The company believes that nanosecond synchronisation can be achieved in Graphics Processing Units (GPU) data centres, thus opening new AI capabilities, that will not only help with synchronisation with computer networks of today but also the more powerful systems of the future that the company will develop.

“We believe PTP will become the standard for keeping time in computer networks and will be a foundational component of the technologies that will drive the metaverse,” the announcement reads.


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