Maxar Launches 3D Digital Twin Solution for the Metaverse and VR

SYNTH3D is developed in partnership with AI startup and will help bring real-world environments and physical features into the metaverse.
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Quick take:

  • Maxar Technologies has unveiled SYNTH3D, a digital twin tech for simulations, the metaverse, and VR applications.
  • The high-performance 3D solution will allow creators to build virtual environments that mirror real-world places.
  • SYNTH3D is developed in partnership with, an AI startup that helps creators “generate accurate digital twins of the entire planet.”

Maxar Technologies has unveiled the SYNTH3D. The 3D digital twin solution is developed in partnership with AI startup Maxar’s latest product will help creators to simulate and bring real-world environments to the metaverse and virtual reality (VR) applications.

SYNTH3D simulates the entire planet in 3D enabling developers to build games and other experiences in digital twins based on real-world locations.

Maxar specialises in providing comprehensive space solutions and secure, precise, geospatial intelligence. 

Commenting on the potential impact of SYNTH3D on the environment, Dan Nord, Maxar SVP and GM of Enterprise Earth Intelligence said: “SYNTH3D, created from Maxar’s Vivid Basemap and’s patented technology, will revolutionize how various industries build and interact with VR environments.”

“This digital twin will be useful in scenarios such as developers creating the next-generation video games, producers working on upcoming films, and businesses assembling simulation environments; the opportunities are limited only by the imagination,” added Nord.

Blackshark will apply its patented generative AI to Maxar’s Vivid Imagery Basemap to extract more than 1.4 billion buildings and procedurally generate them as 3D buildings. The Vivid Imagery Basemap allows users to view the earth in its natural colour and clarity including vegetation and infrastructure.

Michael Putz, CEO commented: “Maxar’s Vivid Imagery Basemap supercharged our development of SYNTH3D by providing a global 2D view that we could transform into a beautiful 3D digital twin.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing customers and developers unleash the power of SYNTH3D across innovative use cases,” added Putz.

3D twin technology has become one of the primary verticals of the metaverse industry. The industrial metaverse, in particular, has adopted 3D digital twin tech to accelerate product development and improve workplace efficiency. 

On the other hand, companies like Accenture are using digital twin tech to accelerate the adoption of enterprise metaverse, allowing corporations to bring virtual experiences to the boardroom.

Maxar will showcase SYNTH3D during this year’s Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona from Feb. 27 to Mar. 3.


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