Mars Wrigley Brings NFT Culture to the Masses via Branding Deal Between M&M’s and Virtual Band KINGSHIP

KINGSHIP, the virtual band featuring Bored Ape and Mutant Ape NFTs, will appear on limited edition boxes of M&M’s.
Image source: 10:22PM

Quick take:

  • The partnership is in honour of KINGSHIP’s mythological tour rider that includes M&Ms.
  • Only 4,000 physical boxes of M&M’s featuring KINGSHIP have been created.
  • Holders of KINGSHIP key card NFTs were given early access to the physical collectibles.

Mars Wrigley, the parent company of M&M’s, has partnered with KINGSHIP, the virtual band of Universal Music Group’s label, 10:22PM. The NFT band, consisting of three Bored Apes and one Mutant Ape will l appear on limited edition boxes of M&M’s.

The branding partnership is in honour of KINGSHIP’s mythological rider, containing required backstage items, which always includes M&M’s. In this partnership, 4,000 physical collectible boxes of M&M’s are available for a limited time. 

The Gold edition, the rarest version, comes in a white and gold foil gift box and includes custom printed candies with KINGSHIP group members Captain, KING, Arnell and Hud in individually numbered boxes from 1 to 100. M&M’S will also produce only 3,900 exclusive celebratory gift boxes in Brown. Additionally, there will be 6,000 gift jars of the candies, available today to fans in the U.S. for a limited time.

“Consumers’ expectations for what they want from their favourite brands have shifted, and at Mars, we know we need to be more innovative than ever with such a culturally famous brand like M&M’S,” said Jane Hwang, Global Vice President at Mars Wrigley. “We’re excited to continue our Mars foray into the metaverse through this partnership with 10:22PM and KINGSHIP, as a way to engage our fans in a new and exciting space.”

Holders of KINGSHIP Key Card NFTs were given early access to the products. The Key Cards feature different members of KINGSHIP and contain unique attributes, some rarer than others. The Key Cards will also unlock exclusive access to music, content, products, and a token-gated community launched in the group’s Discord.

In addition, M&M’S will play a key role in KINGSHIP’s story, with the group travelling to a mysterious island stacked with what appears to be boulders that are later revealed to be a sky-high pile of M&M’S, as depicted in an animated video. M&M’s plans to feature the video on their video billboard in Times Square for the next several weeks.

According to the band and Mars, the collaboration is inspired by M&M’s place in rock ‘n’ roll lore and legend. Dave Lee Roth, the frontman of rock band Van Halen, famously requested insisted on having M&M’s but without brown ones in the band’s technical rider.

David Lee Roth was known for trashing green rooms if his bowl of M&M’s contained brown ones. He explained the story, saying that the clause was a way for him to check if the promoter paid attention to detail and properly honoured the terms of the contract as the band had a technical rider that included big kits and high-powered electrics which involved safety concerns that could be life-threatening if overlooked.

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