Magic Leap’s James Temple Joins Accenture Song as Global Metaverse Lead

The consultancy services provider is accelerating its metaverse strategy following a recent strategic investment in Forma Vision.
Image source: James Temple/LinkedIn

Quick take:

  • James Temple has joined Accenture Song as its new global metaverse lead.
  • The professional consultancy service firm is doubling down its metaverse strategy following a recent strategic investment in Forma Vision.
  • The company expects the metaverse to be valued at about $1 trillion by 2025.

Accenture Song, formerly Accenture Interactive has hired James Temple, the former Senior VP and Chief Design Officer at Magic Leap to head its global metaverse push. Temple’s LinkedIn profile indicates that he joined the professional services and consultancy firm’s Metaverse Continuum Group last month.

At Magic Leap, Temple oversaw the Industrial Design, OS Design, Application Design, Brand Design, Human Factors and User Experience Research teams. He also led the 3D tech company’s Professional Services capability and created and led a new department focused on Immersive Design, Product Design and Brand Design when he was Chief Operating Officer.

His appointment at Accenture Song comes at a time when the company is trying to accelerate its global metaverse strategy. 

On January 26, Accenture announced a strategic investment in Forma Vision, a 3D technology startup that enables the creation of holographic images of people, objects and environments. This came 10 months after Ireland and New York-based company launched “Accenture Metaverse Continuum” to onboard businesses into the metaverse.

In a statement last month, David Treat, Accenture’s managing direct, and global lead of its Global Metaverse Continuum campaign called the metaverse “an evolving and expanding continuum of technologies that will increasingly blur the boundary between the physical and the digital [worlds].”

Temple’s experience in both 3D technologies and applications in the professional services industry aligns well with Accenture’s goals. The company’s CEO and chairman David Droga described Temple as a professional who has been at “the forefront of some incredibly groundbreaking tech advancements.”

“The opportunity to make an impact on our clients’ business and society are endless here at Accenture Song, and I’m thrilled James is joining our family and grateful for Mark’s deep contributions to both MCBG and our sustainability practice,” added Droga.

Forma Vision’s technology allows professionals to hold board meetings in virtual spaces wearing avatars that are similar to their real-life selves. “We believe Forma Vision’s volumetric video technology will enable more immersive, engaging interactions and help further bridge real and virtual worlds by allowing people, places and things to be more authentically represented in the metaverse,” Treat said last week.


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