Magic Eden Free-Mints 13 Web3 Games Across Three Blockchains

The multi-chain NFT marketplace has launched “Mint Madness” an event that will see 13 free web3 games rolled out.
Image source: Magic Eden

Quick take:

  • Magic Eden has announced a series of free mints of web3 games.
  • The multi-chain NFT marketplace is rolling out 13 web3 games across three blockchains in an event dubbed “Mint Madness”.
  • The games featured in the mint include both those created by traditional gaming studios and web3 game developers.

Magic Eden is launching a series of free web3 games in an event dubbed “Mint Madness”. The multi-chain NFT marketplace said the games will feature titles created by traditional gaming studios and web3-native creators.

In total, Magic Eden is rolling out 13 games across Ethereum, Polygon and Solana Blockchains. Some of the games featured include the AAA first-person shooter games Shrapnel and Planet Mojo. 

The Solana-based Magic Eden last year expanded to Ethereum and Polygon blockchains to reach diverse markets. Polygon has one of the leading NFT gaming platforms while most NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchains. The company also launched a venture fund to invest in web3 games last June. 

Commenting on the company’s latest campaign, Chris Akhavan, who joined the company as chief gaming officer in December said: “We’ve observed that many games entering Web3 do not necessarily need to use NFTs as a monetization tool. However, NFTs are a really important user engagement tool for them to share their vision and work with a highly captive and invested audience.”

Magic Eden will use its social media channels to boost user engagement. The company will post the top NFT traders across Mint Madness collections with the top 10 traders based on Polygon volume entered into a prize pool of 20,000 MATIC (about $25,500). The first-place winner stands to receive 4,500 MATIC (about $5,400).

Magic Eden recently teamed up with MoonPay to integrate debit and credit card payments. This allows non-crypto native web3 users can buy and sell Ethereum and Polygon NFTs.


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