LooksRare to Allow Messaging Between Users After Partnering Etherscan to Launch Chat Button

LooksRare has partnered with Etherscan to introduce a chat button on its NFT marketplace enabling individual conversations between users.
Image source: LooksRareNFT/Twitter

Quick take:

  • Looksrare has partnered with Etherscan to introduce a chat button on its NFT marketplace.
  • The platform wants to enable messaging between individual users.
  • LooksRare says it used Blockscan Chat to make this possible and looks forward to enabling chat notifications in the future.

LooksRare is back with another feature that could get its rapidly growing community excited. The NFT marketplace has partnered with Etherscan to introduce a chat button, allowing users to send messages to the owner of an individual NFT.

Users can also send messages to specific accounts by clicking the “Chat” button. LooksRare said the feature offering was made possible utilizing Blockscan Chat and plans to roll out chat notifications in the future as it continues to work with the instant messaging platform.

Blockscan Chat allows users to instantly message each other, wallet-to-wallet, secured by Ethereum log-in security protocols.

LoooksRare has built its NFT platform around improving user experience through an exciting reward system whilst also introducing new features.

The platform has been OpenSea’s closes challenger since launching in January this year, after reporting substantially higher transaction volume compared to the leading NFT marketplace.

However, LooksRare’s success hasn’t come without blemish. The platform has been accused of encouraging wash trading after NFT whales pounced on its highly incentivised rewards program to boost returns.

Last month, LooksRare team members were also caught cashing out their $LOOKs tokens rewards on the token swapping marketplace Tornado Cash. The founding members admitted selling $30 million worth of $LOOKs tokens, sparking a backlash from the community.

Community support is one of the underlying issues pointed out by NFT traders across several platforms and LooksRare seems to have taken a step towards creating better communication channels between individual users.

In a similar move, OpenSea partnered with MetaLink to launch a dedicated communications server for its users. The platform chose this direction after its primary community support channel on Discord was breached by hackers, who took over the admin communications.

Late last year, Monkey Kingdom users lost $1.3 million in a phishing attack after hackers breached the platform’s  Discord channel, posting deceptive links after taking over an administrator account.

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