L’OFFICIEL Makes Its Arrival in the Metaverse with Virtual Land on The Sandbox

L’OFFICIEL’s virtual space was inspired by sci-fi films like Dune and Total Recall.
Image source: L’OFFICIEL

Quick take:

  • L’OFFICIEL Land is a desert landscape that serves as an open-air exhibition.
  • It is also a digital theatre that breathes new life into content created throughout the magazine’s 100-year history.
  • L’OFFICIEL Land kicks off the magazine’s latest issue focusing on fashion in Web3.

Fashion magazine L’OFFICIEL today announced its arrival in the metaverse with its own virtual land on The Sandbox. The launch of the magazine into the metaverse on The Sandbox was initiated by Benjamin Eymère, Chief Metaverse Officer of AMTD group together with the founders of The Sandbox, Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget.

L’OFFICIEL is moving into the metaverse as it seeks new ways to present editorial content. Inspired by sci-fi films like Dune and Total Recall, the magazine’s virtual space is a desert landscape created by NFT and metaverse experience builders, Renaissance NFT. 

Image source: L’OFFICIEL

L’OFFICIEL Land serves as an open-air exhibition, housing a digital theatre that breathes new life into content created throughout the magazine’s 100-year history, as well as future content to come.

The virtual land kicks off the magazine’s latest issue focusing on fashion in Web3 and how – according to the L’OFFICIEL – “NFTs and digital artists are taking over the art world by encouraging brands to embrace virtual reality.”

“Together with The Sandbox, and under the leadership of AMTD Idea, L’OFFICIEL will push the boundaries of media and entertainment,” says Eymère, who’s also CEO of L’OFFICIEL. The French fashion magazine publisher was acquired by Hong Kong-based financial services company AMTD International in January for an undisclosed sum.

“Web3 is the opening of a new door, and we are thrilled to conquer this new world together with our friends, creators, and designers of this new universe. This partnership is entirely in line with AMTD’s belief in the power of connectivity, illustrating the great potential Web3 and the metaverse provides in these fields,” Eymère added.

“Web3 empowers us to create a new format of community-based entertainment and self-expression that is more immersive and social,” said Arthur Madrid, CEO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox. “In The Sandbox, we are building a metaverse with a high cultural mission, while L’OFFICIEL represents over 100 years of fashion culture. It’s exciting to build the future of media together with such a distinguished brand.”

The Sandbox has partnered with brands and companies across fashion, pop culture, music and gaming, including the likes of Adidas, Ubisoft, Warner Music Group, and Gucci.

Speaking to L’OFFICIEL in an interview, Madrid said that he and co-founder Sébastien Borget have always envisioned fashion as a key part of The Sandbox. He added that The Sandbox works with designers and fashion houses to continue evolving virtual fashion.

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