Lina Valentina Launches “No More” NFT Collection to Denounce Domestic Violence

Renowned feminist artist Lina Valentina has launched an NFT collection dubbed “No More” to denounce domestic violence and empower women within the Web3 space.
Image source: @No_MoreNFT/Twitter

Quick take:

  • Lina Valentina has launched an NFT collection dubbed “No More” to denounce domestic violence.
  • The renowned feminist artist is readying her first NFT series under the banner that speaks out against domestic violence.
  • The collection also seeks to empower women within the Web3 space, giving them an opportunity to benefit from the burgeoning ecosystem.

Lina Valentina is one of the most popular names across both the US east coast and the west coast. The renowned feminist artist has been one of the most vocal voices in the Web3 space promoting the campaign against domestic violence and the empowerment of women.

Valentina has now revealed that her “No More” banner will soon launch its first series of non-fungible tokens as part of the broader strategy of trying to solidify women’s position in the Web3 space.

Lina has created several paintwork pieces on walls across New York to Brooklyn, which have impacted the world of art. She has also exhibited her world in some of the most popular galleries in Los Angeles and in several magazines.

Her paintings are usually meant to encourage women to speak out against domestic violence, which continues to be a problem even in the modern age. To address the issue in a more modern way, she is launching an NFT collection under the popular banner “No More”, which will follow the same path.

The collection features 7,777 unique NFTs, each representing a female face. Commenting on the collection, Valentina said

“NFTs and art seem obvious, a new way for artists to express themselves and be heard. Many artists around me position themselves in the NFT sector— Unfortunately, there are still too few female artists in the field, only 5%. The “No More” series also aims to encourage women to invest in this booming sector.”

The NFTs will have several use-cases due to the several verticals that the “No More” project plans to address.

The artist is creating a digital gallery in the metaverse to feature her works and the works of those promoting similar causes. The collection also plans to create 300 digital frames, each worth $800. The frames will be handed to 300 “No More” owners, thus bringing the digital artworks to the real world.

There will also be a special exhibition to give “No More” owners an opportunity to meet Lina Valentina at The Cool HeArt Gallery in Los Angeles, which will also give NFT holders special prices on physical artwork on offer.

The collection also plans to donate 10% of the proceeds from the “No More” NFT drop to the Safe Horizon association to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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