LeBron James Gives the Metaverse a Shot with Four New Trademark Filings

LeBron James’s trademark holding company, LBJ Trademarks, LLC, has filed four new trademark applications for NFTs and virtual products.
Image source: Keith Allison

Quick take:

  • The trademarks indicate Lebron James’ plans to expand his brand into NFTs, virtual sportswear and basketball courts.
  • The trademarks also cover an online marketplace for NFTs.
  • Lebron James follows his son Bronny James into the metaverse with new trademark filings.

American professional basketball player, LeBron James has filed four new trademark applications via his trademark holding company, LBJ Trademarks, LLC.

Filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Mar 4, the four trademarks are for brands named LEBRON JAMES, LEBRON, CHOSEN1 and KING JAMES.

The trademark for each brand includes Classes 9, 35 and 41 and could see LeBron James expanding his brand into the following virtual goods and services: virtual footwear, clothing, swimwear, headwear, bags, backpacks, sports equipment, sporting goods, toys, home furnishings, posters, trading cards, headphones, phones, video games, watches, jewelry, accessories, and home décor.

NFT-related services covered under the trademark classes include NFTs and digital collectibles, downloadable image files authenticated by non-fungible tokens. an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of downloadable digital products that are authenticated by non-fungible tokens, providing non-downloadable virtual products for use in virtual environments created for entertainment purposes and virtual basketball courts, gyms, and recreational facilities for playing sports in the metaverse and virtual worlds

The trademark filings were revealed in a tweet by Mike Kondoudis, a Washington DC-based trademark lawyer who tracks Metaverse and NFT trademark filings at the USPTO. 

“Lebron James is one of today’s most well-known athletes, and the value attached to his name and brand is significant. These filings show how he continues to leverage that value,” Mr. Kondoudis says. “Clearly, Lebron sees the potential of the Metaverse and is preparing his trademarks and brand for the virtual economy that will dominate it.”

Mr. Kondoudis adds that these trademark filings “follow the trend by other sports and entertainment celebrities to begin preparations to participate in the Metaverse.”

Following the trademark filing, Crypto.com airdropped an exclusive NFT collection featuring LeBron James. As of this writing, the collection has a trading volume of $12,300.

In February, Lebron James’ son Bronny James filed multiple trademarks indicating an intent to launch NFTs, clothing and video games. In the same month, the family of NBA legend Kobe Bryant filed three metaverse trademarks to immortalise his legacy, while Charlotte Hornets player LaMelo Ball also filed trademark applications for Web3 products.

NBA has also been making moves in the NFT space with the unveiling of its All-Star 2022 Court as an NFT in the league’s collection.

The launch of NBA Top Shot has paved the way for NBA players to profit from NFTs. The NFT marketplace allows fans to buy, sell and trade videos of the league’s best moments, ranging from a Kevin Durant three-pointer to a LeBron James dunk.

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