LandVault’s Matera Protocol Enables Metaverse Experiences to be Minted as NFTs

Matera enables metaverse experiences and builds such as virtual stores or stadiums to be tokenised.
Image source: Landvault

Quick take:

  • The Matera protocol can offer creators a new way to monetise their metaverse builds.
  • An experience’s governance can be put on-chain.
  • Tools such as futures, or metaverse REITs can also be built on top of Experiences NFTs.

Metaverse builder, Landvault, is building a new decentralised protocol, Matera, to enable the tokenisation and trading of experiences and ventures in the metaverse.

Through Matera, Landvault is pioneering the emergence of tokenised, on-chain metaverse experiences such as virtual stores or stadiums. Unlike metaverse platforms like The Sandbox or Decentraland where only virtual land is minted as NFTs, Matera allows the builds on top of the land to be tokenised.

Putting the builds on-chain enables metaverse experiences to become a new asset class for creators and brands, providing them with a new source of revenue. Different stakeholders set the parameters for the project, such as land and resources needed, and the proposed share of revenue. An experience NFT is minted and transferred to the project DAO wallet.

Revenues generated by the metaverse experiences are shared by project participants via staking. Stakers will receive fractionalised project tokens proportional to their contribution to the project. They can then vote on the project development proposals and how to use the funds in the DAO treasury. 

The Matera protocol also supports the integration of analytic tools, revenue generation modules and reward mechanisms for the project’s community. Tools such as futures, or metaverse REITs can also be built on top of Experiences NFTs.

With over 120 builders and 10 million square feet of metaverse real estate developed, Landvault is a solution for brands, IPs and celebrities who want to enter the metaverse, across platforms like Sandbox, Decentraland and Somnium Space.

The platform has raised $37 million in VC funding since 2018. Some of its clients include World of Women, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mastercard, L’Oreal Paris and more. Landvault was part of the first Metaverse Fashion Week, which will be returning in March 2023.



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