Laguna Games Expands Ecosystem to the Mobile World of Casual Gaming

Laguna Games has teamed up with Coda Labs to bring its metaverse gaming ecosystem to casual mobile gaming.
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Quick take:

  • Laguna Games is expanding its ecosystem to include casual mobile games.
  • The web3 gaming company has launched four new casual games for iOS and Android.
  • Laguna is teaming up with Coda Labs the mobile game publisher with more than 100 million downloads.

Laguna Games has collaborated with leading mobile games developer Coda Labs to launch four new casual games for iOS and Android devices. The web3 gaming startup is foraying into the mobile world of casual games with hybrid blockchain games.

A blockchain game is generally described as a gaming ecosystem that leverages the decentralised ledger technology, allowing users to earn crypto and in-game items based on their activity on the gaming platform.

Laguna Games’ Crypto Unicorns franchise is the metaverse game developers’ most popular product. The company said it will leverage characters from the franchise for its casual mobile games.

The four mini-games scheduled for launch in Q4, 2022 include Unigatchi, Bumper Corns, Mob Run, and Rainbow Rumble. The company is pivoting to casual gaming to capitalise on the rapid growth of the industry that now generates $3 billion in annual revenues, globally.

“We are working with an incredible group of global developers to build generational IP together on Crypto Unicorns,” said Laguna Games CEO, Aron Beierschmitt. “The hyper-casual gaming market is a huge untapped opportunity that we are very excited to begin pursuing. We look forward to bringing our Crypto Unicorn collectibles to mobile devices around the world by the end of next year.”

Since launching earlier this year, Crypto Unicorns has generated 2,200 ETH from the sale of Crypto Unicorn land and pet collectibles, becoming one of the leading projects on Polygon.

It is teaming up with one of the most successful mobile game makers to accelerate the adoption of its casual mobile games.

Coda Labs claims to have received over 100 million downloads for its games.

Şekip Can Gökalp, CEO of Coda Labs commented: “We share a vision for using games to bring web3 to the masses and working together on expanding the Crypto Unicorns multiverse was the perfect opportunity to do that. The Laguna team is innovating more than most, and we are really looking forward to learning from them.”

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