Klaytn Launches Gas Fee Rebate Program for Web3 Games

Klaytn has launched a gas fee rebate program to offset related costs incurred by users and blockchain companies on its platform.
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Quick take:

  • Klaytn has launched a gas fee rebates feature for web3 games.
  • The Korean blockchain platform wants to offset gas fees incurred by users and gaming companies.
  • The company wants to make it easier for blockchain companies to onboard new users.

Klaytn has launched a gas fee rebate program for users and gaming companies on its platform. The Korean blockchain platform wants to make it easier for web3 game makers to onboard new users.

Gas fees are costs incurred when transacting in the blockchain. For some platforms fees scale into thousands of dollars depending on the number of transaction requests sent at a time. 

Because most gaming ecosystems are token-gated, users are required to purchase the ecosystem token to get started. Moreover, blockchain-based gameplays are powered by in-game assets and NFTs, further increasing the number of blockchain transactions.

Klaytn wants to offset the costs associated with gas fees to lighten the burden on users and blockchain gaming companies.

The company’s gas fee delegation feature allowed web3 companies to cushion their users against gas fees. The rebate program will eliminate this cost entirely allowing gaming companies to focus on onboarding new users to their platforms.

According to the announcement, “selected game companies will be eligible for a 100% offset of their gas fees incurred from January 2022 onwards, up to USD100,000 worth of KLAY per month per grantee.”

The grant will be paid in Klaytn’s native token KLAY from the company’s Klaytn Growth Fund established to grow the ecosystem of companies built on Klaytn.

Commenting on the gas fee rebate program launch, David Shin, Head of Global Group, Klaytn Foundation, said: “With our vision to enable an open metaverse for all, Klaytn aims to build a dynamic gaming ecosystem that allows players to truly own their in-game assets. Through our gas fee rebate program, we hope to provide more players with opportunities to explore the wonders of Web3 gaming.”

By combining Klaytn’s gas fee delegation feature with the gas fee rebate program, blockchain games built on Klaytn can offer the same experience as web2 games, thus making it easier for blockchain game developers to onboard new users.

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