Kia America Launches NFT Collection Inspired by Star of Its Super Bowl Spot, Robo Dog

Kia America offered 10,000 Robo Dog Adoption Pass NFTs to fans on Friday and plans to offer six, one-of-a-kind Robo Dog NFTs on Sunday priced at $299.
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  • Kia America has announced the launch of its first NFT collection, inspired by Robo Dog, the star of its Super Bowl spot.
  • The collection debuted on Friday, Feb. 11 and features 10,000 Robo Dog Adoption Pass NFTs, offered for free.
  • However, Kia will make six, one-of-a-kind Robo Dog NFTs available at a starting bid of $299.

Kia America has become the latest motoring giant to leap into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), announcing its first-ever NFT collection. The Korean auto manufacturer’s American subsidiary launched 10,000 Robo Dog Adoption Pass NFTs for free to fans on Friday, Feb. 11. 

The company also said it will launch six, one-of-a-kind Robo Dog NFTs priced at $299 apiece available from Sunday, Feb. 13, to run through Feb 18 at 12:00 PM ET. The pricing is derived from the original manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of the robotic pup before he escaped the electronics store.

On February 18, Kia will then launch an NFT drop of 10,000 generative Robo Dog NFTs, which will be offered to collectors through the NFT marketplace. Holders of the Robo Dog Adoption Pass NFTs will gain early access to the auction at 3:00 PM ET before the public auction opens at 7:00 PM in the evening.

Kia said 90% of all primary sales will be given to the Petfinder Foundation to help animals in need find their forever homes. The remaining 10% has been written into the smart contract on the blockchain so that The Pet Foundation can earn royalties whenever any of the Robo Dog NFTs are sold in the secondary market.

The project is based on the environmentally-friendly Tezos blockchain platform to limit carbon emissions.

Citing the increased rate of pet adoption in the US amid the global pandemic, Russell Wager, vice  president, marketing, Kia America said, “although tens of thousands of animals have found their forever homes, pet  surrenders to shelters are increasing as people return to work and there are many pets whose stories deserve  to end as happily as Robo Dog’s did in our Super Bowl spot.”

Kia has teamed up with Sweet to design the collection based on a list of rarity traits that “mimic the traits people use as filters to find their best dog adoption match on… including breed, age, size, gender, coat length and colour” the company wrote in the press release sent to media houses on Friday. 

Commenting on the project, Tom Mizzone, CEO of Sweet said that as a dog owner himself, he couldn’t imagine something more engaging than having a Robo Dog as a collectible and promoting NFT technology as a way to help pets find forever homes.

“There is a long history of people loving their car brands and loving their cars. And what I love about the Kia  Robo Dog NFT series is how well it ties into our mission here at Sweet and that is: to empower brands like Kia to deploy NFTs to broader consumer bases through engaging experiences,” Mizzone said.

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