Justin Kan’s Web3 Startup Fractal Launches FStudio to Build Blockchain Games Faster

The blockchain game developer toolkit will make it easy for builders to create, market and monetise their games without blockchain expertise.
Imgage Source: Fractal Medium.com Blog

Quick take:

  • Fractal has unveiled its web3 games developer toolkit FStudio.
  • The platform allows developers to build, market and monetise their games regardless of their experience in blockchain technology.
  • FStudio wants to make it easier for traditional gaming companies to leverage the power of web3.

Fractal has unveiled its web3 games developer kit that allows developers to build, market and monetise their games with ease. FStudio is building a platform that allows mainstream gaming companies to easily leverage web3 elements without interfering with the experiences that are valued by traditional gamers.

Since blockchain games become a trendy buzz in late 2021, several traditional gaming companies have either expressed an interest in joining the bandwagon or launched their own NFT gaming projects. 

However, a good percentage of them were eventually forced by their fanbases to walk back their blockchain gaming plans, with gamers unimpressed by the quality of games produced. Others saw the move by the companies as being solely driven by greed, rather than the desire to improve gaming experiences in their ecosystems.

FStudio is trying to bridge the divide by creating a platform that builders to create games without blockchain expertise.

Highlighting the issue that has slowed down the adoption of blockchain games in the mainstream, Fractal co-founder and CEO, Justin Kan said, “The gaming industry has become obsessed with talking about that backend technology – turning off players and distracting Web3 startups from the main mission: creating excellent gameplay experiences.”

According to Kan, the conversation needs to be redirected to players rather than the tech to move forward.

“In the last eight months or so, we’ve been working on a bunch of features that help empower the next wave of developers for Web3 gaming,” Kan told GamesBeat. “We call it FStudio. We’re solving the problems that we learned from talking to developers. Many developers have launched their NFT collections but they didn’t deliver their games yet. We help them solve those problems by breaking them down into build, acquire and monetize.”

The Twitch co-founder sees Fractal as the blockchain gaming version of Steam in the long term. Steam is a digital platform offering online video game distribution services and a storefront.

Currently, Fractal boasts about 150 blockchain games on its platform and Kan says the company is “trying to add a lot of community game discovery layers on top, and the whole point is to make Web3 easier.”


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