Jam City Joins the Metaverse with ‘Champions: Ascension’ After Opening a Blockchain Division

US video game developer Jam City on Wednesday announced its entry into the metaverse with its first Web3 game ‘Champions: Ascension’.
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Quick Take:

  • Video game developer Jam City has launched its first metaverse game.
  • The company announced ‘Champions: Ascension’, a Web3 game after opening a blockchain division.
  • Jam City said it will involve its community in building and executing the roadmap.

Video game developer Jam City on Wednesday announced the launch of a blockchain division that will be the centre for its blockchain gaming activities. The company also launched a Web3 game, ‘Champions: Ascension’ its first-ever metaverse game.

The role-playing adventure game is set in a fantasy universe developed exclusively for Web3. The company also announced a limited drop of 10,000 NFTs called Prime Eternals to be issued starting with a whitelist-only private sale. Registration can be done through the Champions Ascension website.

Speaking following the announcement of the blockchain game, Chris DeWolfe, Co-Founder and CEO, Jam City said, “Web3 gives us the opportunity to incorporate player input, direct ownership of the characters, and ultimately player agency that is not currently possible with standard game technology. With Champions: Ascension, Jam City has the opportunity to help define this next generation of gaming – this is why we’re so bullish on investing heavily in multiple Web3 projects.”

The RPG game takes place in a world called Massina, which has been at peace for 1,000 years. Its generation of emperors brought people Rome-like entertainment with gladiator competitions involving monster beasts known as Eternals. 

Players will be able to bring changes to the world of Massina using the blockchain platform. The company said the limited edition drop of the 10,000 one-of-kind NFTs will give holders of Prime Eternals the highest earning potential in the game.  

Jam City said it plans to introduce more tiers in the Champions game with varying levels of in-game earning potential and access to gear. Players will be able to use Champions NFTs in the game to find, socialize and battle with other players.

Josh Yguado, Co-Founder, President and COO at Jam City said the company is taking its knowledge in gaming and blockchain to create a highly dynamic and unique experience for players, adding that the company will involve its community in building and executing the roadmap.

The game will also be fully accessible, with players not needing crypto expertise to play.

“The beauty of Champions is that it will be rolled out across multiple platforms, and players do not have to be crypto experts to get involved. We are re-drawing the rules when it comes to engagement and ultimately will provide a deeper, richer, more rewarding experience that allows players to generate real income while playing the games they love,” Yguado said.

Jam City is taking its experience in building and creating highly engaged communities across multiple platforms, including mobile, to the blockchain.

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