Immutable, FTX Back AI-Powered Metaverse Game Delysium’s $10M Funding

Delysium has announced a $10 million funding round led by Anthos Capital with participation from Immutable, FTX Ventures, Deterrence, RCT AI and others.
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Quick take:

  • Immutable and FTX Ventures have backed Delysium’s $10 million funding round.
  • The AI-powered metaverse game wants to accelerate open-source & decentralized publishing structure for web3 games.
  • The fundraising was led by Los Angeles-based VC Anthos Capital.

Delysium has raised $10 million in a funding round led by Anthos Capital. The AI-powered metaverse game wants to accelerate the development of its open-source decentralised publishing ecosystem for web3 games. Delysium is in the process of building the Delysium Metaverse and developing content for AI-powered experiences.

The metaverse is generally described as a 3D virtual space that allows users to interact immersively through gaming, virtual concerts and other experiential activities.

The fundraising also attracted participation from RCT AI, Deterrence, Y Combinator, Galaxy Interactive, Makers Fund, Immutable, Republic Crypto, and FTX Ventures,  among others including web3 gaming partners.

Delysium’s pre-Alpha testing phase, which started in May 2022 has already attracted participation from more than 5,000 gamers. The game is scheduled to begin its official inaugural season.

The Battle-Royale game leverages Detterence’s AI Layer and RCT AI NFTs offer AI-based yield farming to investors. The two technologies are also combined to offer AI conversation models, AI intent recognition and AI motion generation to create cognitively aware virtual beings.

A non-fungible token (NFT) — in the context of gaming— is a digital representation of an avatar, in-game asset (e.g apparel), music track or a collectible stored in the blockchain.

According to Delysium, the game’s AI-based MetaBeings “can sense state changes in digital environments, so that player interactions are not limited to fixed and repetitive dialogues and choices.” This enables them to play independent roles, creating dynamic game modes for players.

The multiverse game is managed by Delysium Metaverse Operators (DMOs). DMOs use player data to issue their own NFTs based on the game’s own IP, creating a tokenomics ecosystem featuring fungible in-game tokens, NFTs, as well as, Layer and Layer 2 stablecoins, among others.

The company has already onboarded its first DMO after partnering with one of the world’s leading web3 gaming guilds, Unix Gaming.

Gaming guilds are investment organisations that acquire in-game assets for rent. Gaming guilds accelerate the community-building phase of web3 games by making in-game assets more affordable to new gamers. Unix Gaming boasts a community of over 200,000 gamers.

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