Immersed Partners with Polygon, Republic Crypto, Everyrealm & Ready Player Me for its Metaverse Ambitions

VR app, Immersed, has partnered with Web3 giants to build the real-world economy in the metaverse.
Image source: Immersed

Quick take:

  • Immersed is a VR app and metaverse builder for companies that want to set up virtual offices.
  • The company claims that users work more than 40 hours a week in VR using Immersed.
  • Immersed has previously partnered with Meta, ByteDance, Microsoft, and others on VR offices.

VR app and metaverse builder, Immersed, announced on Tuesday that it has partnered with prominent Web3 names, Polygon, Republic Crypto, Everyrealm, and Ready Player Me to bring the real-world economy to the metaverse.

Immersed claims to be the only platform where users work more than 40 hours a week in VR offices. In addition to enabling users to work full-time in VR, Immersed also now enables people to build businesses, employ people and transact goods and services in the metaverse.

To prepare for digitising the world’s economy into the metaverse, Immersed is putting in place economic pillars such as digital ownership, digital currency and digital property. 

In its partnership with Polygon, Immersed will leverage Polygon’s Layer-2 scaling solutin to offer users a low-cost and secure way to transact with their digital assets including digital currency and virtual property.

With token design, development and deployment platform Republic Crypto, Immersed will be working to release a “Work and Earn” utility token, where users are rewarded for being productive in VR in different metaverse locations. This will also allow users to unlock certain features and acquire additional digital assets including virtual real estate, digital fashion and more.

As Immersed launches its first public vProperty sale, it will be working with Everyrealm to draw up virtual real estate incentive structures, launch strategies, and impactful growth campaigns to make sure that the virtual real estate investors in Immersed’s metaverse can generate a return on investments. Everyrealm will also be buying up a portion of vProperty, the virtual real estate in Immersed.

Immersed’s first vProperty was the vNYC Manhattan collection. The platform will slowly release vCities over time based on user demand.

Metaverse avatar creation platform, Ready Player Me, will be working with Immersed to distribute avatar flair and other assets that users want to exchange and own companies set up virtual offices in the metaverse. Ready Player Me recently raised $56 million in a Series B round led by a16z.

Immersed has previously partnered with Meta, ByteDance, Microsoft, Lenovo, HTC, and others on VR offices.

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