Illuvium Co-Founder Shares Plans for Interconnected Blockchain Games

Web3 gaming company Illuvium has unveiled an ambitious plan to create an interoperable blockchain gaming ecosystem allowing games to share NFTs.
Image source: Illuvium

Quick take:

  • Illuvium has an ambitious goal of building interconnected blockchain games.
  • The web3 gaming developer is creating an interoperable gaming platform.
  • The Interoperable Blockchain Game (IBG) will allow different gaming titles to share NFTs.

Illuvium co-founder, Kieran Warwick has unveiled plans for an interoperable blockchain gaming model. Speaking to Cointelegraph at the Token2049 event in Singapore, Warwick said the new web3 gaming ecosystem will allow blockchain games to share NFTs.

Warwick believes Illuvium’s perceived gaming concept has never been done before. For perspective, the Social AR gaming platform FlickPlay in April teamed up with The Sandbox to build an interoperable metaverse. FlickPlay offers playable NFT avatars that can be integrated into gaming platforms.

In the same month, a16z and SoftBank co-led Improbable’s $150 million fundraising to build interoperable metaverses. Dubbed MSquared (M2), the planned platform would allow users to launch their own metaverses and share their creations.

Random Games’ Unioverse is the closest thing to what Illuvium is envisioning. Backed by Resolute Ventures and Asymmetric, the community-driven web3 gaming franchise is building an ecosystem that will allow different games to share NFT avatars within the platform.

Illuvium has named its project the Interoperable Blockchain Game (IBG), which will be governed by the platform’s native token $ILV. 

According to Illuvium, IBG represents a series of interconnected blockchain games that share NFTs, a single in-game currency, or both.

The platform is created with the fans in mind, rather than focusing on the play-to-earn model, which is rapidly becoming unpopular. One of the reasons Illuvium has chosen to focus on the fun first is to try to attract players from the mainstream gaming market.

“In our genres that we’re hitting, there might be roughly 500 million people that we can bring in that literally won’t know that they’re playing a crypto game,” he said.

Warwick said that the first game, which blends “Sim City and Clash of Clans” is already underway. The city builder game allows players to mine resources for use in the second game, “Overworld.”

“Overworld” is a Pokemon-esque game that involves capturing creatures called “Illuvials,” which can then be used in the third game, which Warwick compared to the online battle arena titles such as “DOTA.”

According to Warwick, the plan is to build another six games on top of the three.

In a traditional gaming model, you jump from one level to another and carry assets from the previous level with you. In Illuvium’s case, players jump from one game to the next and take the NFTs and in-game assets with them for use in the next game.

Illuvium is backed by some of the leading web3 gaming funds including Framework Ventures. According to Warwick, the game developer planned to raise $350 million during the bull market but has since scaled the figure down to between $10 million and $20 million amid the crypto winter.

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