Huawei Tweets About Caked Ape NFT, Sends Floor Price to 0.5 ETH

China’s largest telecom company, Huawei, sent the floor price of Caked Apes NFT collection to 0.5 ETH after tweeting about it.
Caked Apes

Quick take:

  • Caked Apes was launched in January.
  • The mint price was 0.069 ETH at the collection’s launch.
  • Caked Apes collectors are excited about Huawei’s tweet.

China’s largest telecom company, Huawei, tweeted a Caked Apes NFT today as a joke, causing the floor price of the collection to spike.

The sold-out collection had a mint price of 0.069 ETH at launch and is now trading on the secondary market on OpenSea.

The floor price of Caked Apes NFT collection skyrocketed to 0.5 ETH and is now at 0.45 ETH. Yesterday, there were only a total of six NFTs sold at an average price of 0.0607 ETH. As of this writing, the collection has seen a total of 1,117 sales at an average price of 0.3488 ETH. A rare Caked Ape NFT named Pissbird was sold for 10 ETH today.

Launched on Jan 10, Caked Apes are 8,888 randomly generated NFTs created by artists Cake Nygard and Taylor.WTF. The traits are all derived from projects in Taylor.WTF’s expansive library of NFTs including Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Each NFT art features a psychedelic ape in bright colours, stacked with NFT characters from other collections such as Deadfellaz, Doge Pound, Gutter Cat Gang, Cool Cats, Crypto Mories, Metaheroes, Bad Kids Alley, Pixel Tots, Rumble Kongz, Robotos, Cryptoadz, Punks, Pudgy Penguins, Smilesss, Peaceful Groupies and more.

Buyers have been pouring in every minute since Huawei’s tweet, although it’s unclear whether Huawei purchased the Caked Ape NFT that it tweeted about, considering that China outlawed cryptocurrency in September last year. 

Huawei dropped its own NFTs on Apr 12. Its cloud computing arm airdropped NFTs based on the company’s mascot as part of Huawei Cloud’s branding campaign. The NFTs are built on Huawei’s blockchain, the “petal chain”.

While there’s a lack of clear regulation of NFTs in China, the country’s state-owned media and mouthpiece, The Economic Times, called for stricter regulation of digital collectibles, prompting Chinese tech giants to restrict or ban the reselling of NFTs. Chinese tech giants that have launched NFT marketplaces include Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, NetEase and

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