House of BlueBerry and Boy Meets Girl Partner for New Digital Wearables Collection on Roblox

The metaverse fashion designer will create Boy Meets Girl-branded leggings, short-sleeve tops, long-sleeve tops and beanies.
Image source: VentureBeat

Quick take:

  • House of BlueBerry has announced the Boy Meets Girl digital wearables collection.
  • The digital fashion designer is collaborating with the streetwear brand for Boy Meets Girl-branded leggings, short-sleeve tops, long-sleeve tops and beanies.
  • The collection is inspired by the brand’s “cool kid” style.

House of BlueBerry has followed up its $6 million fundraising with a new partnership with Boy Meets Girl. The metaverse fashion designer is teaming up with the streetwear brand to create Boy Meets Girl-branded leggings, short-sleeve tops, long-sleeve tops and beanies.

House of BlueBerry revealed in a December 2022 SEC filing that it had raised $6 million from two investors. The company specialises in designing personal avatars on Roblox and The Mims video games.

Its collaboration with Boy Meets Girl will allow it to create 4 unisex digital wearables inspired by the brand’s “cool kid” style. 

“We love the mission behind Boy Meets Girl, and are excited to bring these iconic looks and style into the metaverse,” said Mishi McDuff, CEO of House of Blueberry. “We think the iconic Boy Meets Girl branding will really come to life on Roblox and make for a fun, welcoming virtual experience for our community.”

House of BlueBerry initially announced the collection last week in a tweet, with a virtual launch party scheduled to take place on January 15.

House of BlueBerry founder Mishi McDuff recently revealed to Business Journals the early beginnings of the business crediting Linden Lab’s Second Life metaverse platform for the inspiration.

That marked the inception of her virtual store, which quickly turned $1 million leading to the creation of House of BlueBerry.

Commenting on her company’s partnership with the digital design company, Boy Meets Girl chief creative officer Stacy Igel said: “I’m thrilled to bring Boy Meets Girl into the metaverse in collaboration with House of Blueberry. It is important that while in a digital world, confidence and courage never go out of style. During Covid-19, my son, Dylan, got to learn a lot about virtual worlds and has been teaching me about Roblox. So, you can imagine how excited I am to share this collaboration and how excited he is too.”

Like McDuff, Igel admits she is an early adopter of virtual markets, — “this was a natural partnership for me,” she said.


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