Hologram Raises $6.5 Million to Bring NFT Avatars to Zoom

Virtual beings platform, Hologram has completed a $6.5 million seed round led by Polychain Capital to bring NFT avatars to Zoom calls.
Image source: hologram.xyz

Quick take:

  • Hologram has completed a $6.5 million fund round led by Polychain Capital.
  • Nascent, Inflection, The Operating Group, Quantstamp, Neon DAO, Foothill Ventures and South Park Commons also participated in the seed funding.
  • The company is creating blockchain-based avatars that can be used on video conference platforms like Zoom, Twitch, VR chat and more.

Hologram has announced the successful seed fundraising of $6.5 million. The round was led by Polychain Capital with participation from Nascent, Inflection, The Operating Group, Quantstamp, Neon DAO, Foothill Ventures and South Park Commons.

Hologram is an all-in-one virtual beings platform, specialising in the creation of blockchain-based avatars. The company wants to NFT avatars and images to popular video calling platforms like Zoom, Twitch, VR Chat, and many more.

Hologram thinks it can bring the entire metaverse experience to real-life communication platforms making NFT avatars move across platforms like they would across metaverse worlds.

The platform wants to let people use its avatars in lip-synced characters while making video calls. Hologram CEO Tong Pow thinks that his company’s technology could be adapted to popular NFT characters like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, giving them some highly needed utility.

“Hologram is building technology to give people more ways to express themselves and socialize in the pseudonymous economy,” Pow said in a recent interview with GameBeat.

Some of the funds will be used to expand the development team, with several key hires also pencilled in. Hologram has been receiving several partnership requests, which could use an expanded team size.

Hologram first launched with Anata NFT community in April. However, it has since grown to integrate its technology with ten other NFT communities, including popular projects like Cool Cats, Deadfellaz and Crypto Covens.

The company is looking to grow its portfolio of partnerships with several other NFT communities and creators and one of its early adopters Crypto Covens thinks it will easily find more suitors, wth its team saying Hologram brings exactly what the team needs to its community.

“Part of the appeal of profile photo NFTs is assuming an identity you find beautiful, remarkable, powerful and WITCH Holograms take that further than we could have imagined. They are the perfect conduit for anon community building, roleplaying and immersive magic-making,” the Crypto Covens team said in a statement.

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