‘Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms’ Looks to Its Global Launch

The global launch of play-and-earn blockchain game, ‘Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms’, is now open for pre-registration.
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Quick take:

  • ‘Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms’ is a BNB chain-based casual RPG mobile game.
  • MUDOL2 Token is the utility token and governance token of the game.
  • MUDOL Tokens issued during the Korea launch can be swapped to the new MUDOL2 Tokens.

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is launching globally with a pre-registration event. The blockchain game is now available to download for pre-registration on Google Play and App Store.

Backed by Neowiz, VistaLabs, Global Blockchain Innovative Capital (GBIC) and more, the casual RPG mobile game is built on the BNB chain integrated with play-and-earn mechanics subject to regulation by relevant laws in different countries. It is the first collaboration with NFT platform and metaverse game KLAYMETA.

In Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms, players can collect and train over 200 “generals” through summons, combinations, upgrades and more. Generals are divided into four factions and classified into three types. With trained generals, players can form teams to compete with others through different battles. Generals can also be levelled up to become stronger through training.

First launched in Korea, Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is now in its global launch phase.  Players can acquire Mudol Stone through daily special missions and weekly ranking rewards similarly for both Korean and international servers. When Mudol Stones are used through the in-game store, they are converted into MUDOL2 tokens, distributed as some rewards to vMUDOL holders, and returned to the ecosystem for continuous P2E maintenance.

Going forward, MUDOL Tokens which were issued during the launch in Korea will no longer be issued and can be swapped to the new MUDOL2 Tokens at an official exchange rate at the exchange on the game’s official website.

The exchange rate is determined every day at 00:00 (KST, UTC+9) and is determined by the amount of MUDOL2 tokens accumulated in the game reward pool and the number of MUDOL Stones in the game server.

To stabilize the exchange rate and MUDOL2 token price, the minimum withdrawal MUDOL Stone, limit per wallet, and total exchange limit are set, which will be gradually eased according to market conditions.

A total supply of 500 million MUDOL2 Tokens except for the initial issuance amount will be distributed linearly over 3 years. Players can stake MUDOL2 Tokens on the official website to get vMUDOL for governance rights. With the global launch, MUDOL2 tokens will be added as vMETA holder rewards and distributed for the next 3 years. 

To participate in the pre-registration event and earn rewards in MUDOL Stones, interested players can sign up here. The reward coupon and instructions will be sent to participants after the game’s official launch.

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