Gucci Expands Web3 Strategy With a Metaverse Hub on The Sandbox

Gucci has become the first major fashion brand to have a space dedicated to web3 products on The Sandbox’s metaverse.
Image source: Gucci/voguebusiness

Quick take:

  • Gucci Vault Land will be open through November 9.
  • The luxury fashion brand first purchased a digital plot on The Sandbox in February.
  • The new metaverse hub will be home to Gucci’s web3 efforts including curated NFT work, the company’s previous NFTs and more.

Gucci has ramped up its metaverse campaign with Gucci Vault Land, a virtual hub that will feature games, curated NFT work, Gucci’s previous NFTs and vintage fashion, among others.

The global fashion brand first announced that it acquired a digital plot of land on The Sandbox in February. Metaverse real estate is a 3D virtual space where people can connect through gaming activities, trade and exchange of products and virtual events. 

Decentraland, The Sandbox, Ubuntuland and Somnium Space are examples of metaverse platforms where brands like Gucci can buy digital plots of land.

According to the announcement, Gucci Vault Land went live on October 27 and will remain open through November 9. The virtual plot will be central to Gucci’s web3 strategy, which features among others, a garden concept, Gucci’s vintage pieces that will be on display and not available for purchase, and NFTs.

Users will be able to explore the world via the garden concept, which Gucci calls a “Garden of Curiosities”. There are also gamified educational activities about the fashion brand’s rich heritage.

The company’s web3 journey began last year after collaborating with Superplastic, a platform used to create animated celebrities. 

Gucci also launched Gucci Town on Roblox in May establishing a permanent presence in the virtual gaming platform, which features play-to-know activities.

In September, the company appointed Robert Triefus as CEO of Gucci Vault to fast-track its metaverse ventures. Triefus previously held the position of EVP of brand and consumer engagement, where he helped Gucci experiment with gaming platforms like Zepeto, Genies and The Sims.

Some of the gamified activities featured on Gucci Vault Land include restoring vintage handbags in the Vault Vintage Lab and solving a riddle in the Vault Room of Rhyme, among others. Players stand to win $SAND tokens by participating in a raffle organised by The Sandbox.

There are also digital collectible NFTs like think hats, skate ramps, and a car, which players will be able to use on other metaverse worlds on The Sandbox.

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