Gallium Studios Wants to Use Web3 Technology to Build Memory Simulation Game

Gallium Studios was founded by veteran video game designers Will Wright and Lauren Elliott.
Image source: Gallium Studios

Quick take:

  • The gaming studio will develop simulation games that utilise blockchain technology.
  • The studio raised $6 million from Griffin Gaming Partners.
  • Gallium has partnered with blockchain tech company Forte to power its games and economies.

Gallium Studios, an indie game studio founded by veteran video game designers Will Wright and Lauren Elliott, is developing simulation games that utilise blockchain technology after raising $6 million from Griffin Gaming Partners.

Will Wright is an American video game designer who rose to prominence after designing Sim City. As the original designer of The Sims, which spawned many sequels and expansion packs, Wright has earned multiple rewards for his game design work. Gallium’s co-founder Lauren Elliott is the creator of the Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego video game series, now a popular television show on Netflix.

Now with Gallium Studios, Wright helped design VoxVerse, Gala Games’ unique VOX world that’s powered by NFT memory and features characters that grow and evolve. The studio is also currently developing Proxi, a memory simulation game using blockchain technology.

According to Venture Beat, Wright and Elliott founded Gallium Studios to create simulation games that incorporate Web3 and AI technologies. Wright told Venture Beat that the studio is exciting about incorporating blockchain technology into its games, but it is not creating play-to-earn blockchain games.

Currently in development, Proxi enables users to build an AI of themselves that gains intelligence about the players and their experiences from the memories they share. The game’s Creator’s Toolkit empowers 2D, 3D, audio, FX and illustrator creators to make and share their own digital assets for use in the game. 

The funds that Gallium Studios has raised will be used to expand its team, forge new partnerships, and continue developing simulation experiences with Proxi. The studio’s team includes veterans such as COO/CTO Timothy Johnson, who was previously technical director for WB Games, where he shipped DC Legends, WestWorld, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, as well as principal software engineer Aron Vietti, who came to Gallium from WB Games and Blizzard Entertainment.

Gallium has partnered with blockchain tech company, Forte, to power player ownerships in the studio’s games and economies. Forte will provide Gallium with Web3 tools such as embeddable token wallets and NFT marketplaces.

“This is a great time to be designing and publishing the next generation of simulation games and we’re happy to be partnering with Griffin to make that happen,” said Elliott. “We’re at a point where advanced AI and the core features of blockchain technology can combine to support Will’s vision to keep players at the center of the development process. Whether it’s talking with the latest AI, or owning everything you create, game design should always put players first.”

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