Gabriel Leydon’s Twitter Account Was Hacked, Followers’ Assets Stolen

Stolen assets included a Mutant Ape NFT which the hacker sold.
Image source: Critical Path

Quick take:

  • The hacker’s wallet received more than 19 ETH.
  • The hacker sold the stolen Mutant Ape #5738 for 11.45 WETH.
  • Leydon has now regained control of his Twitter account.

Blockchain gaming company Limit Break’s co-founder and CEO Gabriel Leydon had his Twitter account hacked via sim swapped in a ATT store at 5:39pm EST on Wednesday.

The hacker tweeted a scam link from Leydon’s Twitter account, prompting many of his followers to click, and ultimately leading to their wallets being drained and assets were stolen. According to Wu Blockchain, the hacker’s wallet (0xd13b093EAfA3878De27183388Fea7D0D2B0AbF9E) received more than 19 ETH. Stolen assets included MAYC #5738, which was sold by the hacker for 11.45 WETH.

The DigiDaigaku Twitter account notified followers that Leydon’s account was hacked, and said that Limit Break will be “pressing charges and seeking damages”, but later deleted the tweet.

Twitter user “@fvckbanksy” who claims to work for ATT replied to the now-deleted tweet that “it’s incredibly easy to get access to sims and bypass sim locks.” He also said that SIM pins are an extra security measure but it’s still possible for a hacker to bypass them. 

At about 11:51pm EST, Leydon tweeted a voice message, telling his followers that he has regained control of his account. 

It appears that the group of hackers, dubbed “federalagent ETH”, hacked the account of Alexander Taub, the founder of NFT project, Goblintown.

Leydon previously stirred up controversy on Twitter by touting the free-to-own Web3 gaming model that Limit Break’s games will run on, which he claimed would kill free-to-play (F2P mobile games and wipe out paid mints for blockchain games. This drew the ire of some Twitter users, who thought he was talking about the Bored Ape land sale that took place in May.

Binance CEO, CZ,responded with: “VCs just created a new term: Free-to-own. If everything will be free in the world, why do we have to work so hard..”

Amidst the backlash, Leydon clarified that he is a “F2P expert” and that his goal is to “kill F2P and replace it with a better web3 powered F2O model.” While there are many sceptics of his game model, Leydon also has some supporters. Through his audience engagement, Leydon has amassed 57,500 Twitter followers, which perhaps made him a target for hackers to exploit.

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