Gabriel Leydon’s Limit Break Purchases $6.5M Super Bowl Ad Spot For DigiDaigaku NFT Collection

The ad could be seen by 50 million people who will be watching the Super Bowl live on television.
Image source: Digidaigaku/OpenSea

Quick take:

  • The 30-second ad slot will feature characters from Limit Break’s DigiDaigaku NFT collection.
  • This is Leydon’s third Super Bowl ad for his projects,
  • Leydon said the ad will “provide a cool web3 experience that supports the DigiDaigaku community.”

Limit Break, the blockchain gaming company led by Gabriel Leydon, today announced that it has purchased a Super Bowl ad spot for its DigiDaigaku NFT collection for $6.5 million. The ad will be seen by 50 million people watching the Super Bowl LVII live on TV on Feb 23 next year and by tens of millions watching online.

Leydon said the company “spent months considering doing this ad” and decided to do it only if it could “provide a cool Web3 experience that supports the DigiDaigaku community and grow the Digi brand.” The details of the ad’s Web3 experience are kept under wraps as Limit Break wanted to give viewers an element of surprise, fun and excitement.

One DigiDaigaku Genesis and one Hero will be featured in the 30-second ad spot. Limit Break will be running a contest for the DigiDaigaku community to win a chance to have their Digi featured in the Super Bowl ad, with more info to follow soon.

This will be Leydon’s third Super Bowl ad for his projects. He ran two Super Bowl ads for the games Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike while he was CEO of mobile gaming company Machine Zone. The ads starred model Kate Upton and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“I have personally overseen billions of dollars in marketing buys and I can confidently tell you a Superbowl ad (this will be my 3rd one) is the most effective video ad you can buy in the world. People talk about the ads they see for years,” Leydon tweeted.

With the ad spot, Limit Break hopes to give Web3 exposure to the masses as the ad will be viewed by more than 50 million people. The company also plans to take full advantage of the publicity it’s getting from the press talking about the ad spot purchase before and after the Super Bowl game.

Explaining his rationale behind buying a Super Bowl ad spot, Leydon told Games Beat: “We bought television commercials in 60 countries. When we were at Machine Zone, the Super Bowl commercials were the only ones that had a lasting impact. People talk about the ads for years afterwards.” 

After leaving Machine Zone in 2018 to explore cryptocurrency, Leydon made a comeback in August with Limit Break and a $200 million fundraise backed by Buckley Ventures, Paradigm, FTX, CoinBase Ventures, Shervin Pishevar, Anthos Capital, SV Angel and Standard Crypto.

Following the announcement of Limit Break’s fundraise, its DigiDaigaku NFT Collection saw a surge in sales volume on Aug 30, generating $3.1 million in sales over 24 hours, a 400-plus per cent increase from the previous day according to data from CryptoSlam.

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