Free to Play Games Publisher Tilting Point Pivots to P2E Gaming with Polygon Partnership

Tilting Point has signed a multi-year partnership agreement with Polygon Studios to release 10 blockchain-based games over the next two years.
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  • Tilting Point is pivoting to blockchain gaming with Polygon Studios.
  • The F2P (free-to-play) games publisher plans to release 10 P2E (play-to-earn) games over the next two years.
  • The first three games slated for release include “The Walking Dead: Casino Slots”, “Astrokings” and “Chess Universe”. 

Tilting Point is pivoting to Web3 gaming after agreeing on a multi-year partnership with blockchain games publisher Polygon Studios. The free-to-play (F2P) games publisher said it will release 10 blockchain games over the next two years.

The New York-based company will start with three games including “Astrokings” after gaining IP rights following its acquisition of Korean game maker AN Games. 

Tilting Point will also be releasing a blockchain game based on the AMC hit series, The Walking Dead “The Walking Dead: Casino Slots”, as well as, Chess Universe, by its partner developer Kings of Games.

Commenting on his company’s partnership with Polygon, Tilting Point co-CEO and President Samir Agili in a statement said: “It was crucial for us to select an efficient and low-cost platform for developers to build and launch their games while ensuring the highest security and lowest carbon footprint.”

Agility said consultants recommended the Polygon Blockchain, partly because of its high transaction speeds and scalability, as well as, the expertise of Polygon Studios.

On the other hand, Polygon Studios CEO Ryan Wyatt commented: “Tilting Point is set to bring a new level of quality to Web3 gaming, accumulated from a decade of building and publishing mobile games. This partnership will help solidify Web3’s place in the gaming industry, and we’re excited to start developing games that champion user ownership and immersive gameplay.” 

Agili said part of the reason behind the decision to take the leap to blockchain gaming is to give players an opportunity to own in-game items such as skins and characters, a concept that has made play-to-earn gaming popular among the young generation of gamers.

“We believe that Web3 and the move toward digital ownership will fundamentally impact the games business,” Agili wrote in a blog post.

Highlighting his company’s goal of maximising developers’ business, Agili added: “We believe blockchain game development and token economics offer incredible possibilities to radically change how players and game makers view their relationships with games, benefitting the players, as well as boosting LTV for developers.”

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