Fractal Targets Non-Crypto Native Users with New Blockchain Gaming Wallet

Web-based gaming NFT marketplace Fractal says it is launching a blockchain gaming wallet for non-crypto native users.
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Quick take:

  • Fractal is launching a blockchain gaming wallet for non-crypto native users.
  • The gaming NFT platform is looking to onboard new users unfamiliar with crypto.
  • Fractal is a web-based NFT platform that allows users to signup without downloading a plugin or installing an extension.

Fractal has announced a new non-custodial wallet that will help onboard non-crypto native users to Web3. The gaming NFT platform said the new Web3 wallet will also allow gamers to easily sign-up to the platform without downloading a plugin or an extension.

Fractal is created to allow mainstream gaming companies to offer web3 products to fans. Game developers can easily offer NFT drops via the platform allowing users to buy their favourite characters and games as digital collectibles.

The platform also allows gamers to sell NFTs to each other, creating a secondary commerce ecosystem.

Traditionally, NFT collectors store their purchased digital collectibles in crypto-wallets, where they can easily be retrieved when the owner decides to sell.

However, with the number of blockchain gamers still aeons behind that of traditional gamers, Fractal is exploring ways to try to onboard the non-crypto native gamers to the world of NFTs, without the necessity of converting them into blockchain gamers.

“There’s actually not a lot of people who’ve ever touched a blockchain game. There’s around 1.4 million wallets and 3 billion game players out there in the world,” said Justin Kan, co-founder of Fractal, in a recent interview.

The Twitch co-founder said onboarding traditional gamers to blockchain gaming will require working more on the usability of Web3 games. Kan thinks this is the right path to making blockchain games more mainstream.

“So we’ve created a non-custodial wallet… you can log into a game using just Google, and it creates a crypto wallet for you,” he added.

Most blockchain games require users to purchase some NFTs to gain entry into the game. And since NFTs are mostly bought using cry[ptocurrencies, it means users must download a crypto wallet and install an extension into the browser.

The process can be hectic and sometimes confusing to non-crypto native users. Fractal wants to make it easier, allowing users to start playing blockchain games within minutes by simply signing up using a Google account.

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