Fiat and KIA Are Using ChatGPT to Sell Cars in the Metaverse

Fiat is using the generative AI chatbot to provide an interactive “Fiat Genious” that can answer questions about its cars.
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Quick take:

  • Fiat and KIA Motors are using ChatGPT to sell cars in the metaverse.
  • The two automakers are among the first companies to leverage the popular ChatBot in practical applications.
  • Both companies are looking to revolutionise the car buying experience through metaverse dealerships.

ChatGPT could soon sell you your next car in the metaverse. Fiat and KIA Motors have tapped the groundbreaking chatbot to create interactive virtual assistants for their immersive showrooms. 

This integration will allow car buyers to take virtual tours of showrooms and be able to get the answers to all the questions they have about a particular car. All this from the comfort of their homes.

According to Fiat, people will be able to access the virtual showroom via a mobile phone and computer. However, for a better shopping experience, VR headsets are recommended.

The company’s interactive 3D virtual assistant “Fiat Genious”  can answer questions about Fiat cars with ChatGPT’s help. The showroom also allows a real sales consultant to hop in and provide clarity on complex inquiries.

Fiat has also prepared pre-recorded video answers for basic questions to make the process as efficient as possible.

Edo Segal, CEO of Touchcast, the software company that developed the Fiat Metaverse Store in collaboration with Microsoft and the automaker told Axios the interaction with “Fiat Genious” mimics the way “a human salesperson would meet you in a dealership and you would ask them a question and they’ll say, ‘Let me show you,’ and they would walk over and they would open the door.'”

According to Segal, the long-term plans are to have the interactions made available inside the cars themselves [becoming some type of an interactive manual].

“You always would rather call the dealer that sold you the car and say, ‘Dude, how do I open the hatch?’ Right? As opposed to looking at the manual,” he said.

The Fiat metaverse is currently available in Italy, the car maker’s home market but plans are underway to expand to global markets including the US.

On the other hand, KIA’s German subsidiary has unveiled a metaverse store powered by Engage, one of the leading metaverse platforms for businesses.

Fiat and KIA are among the companies that have been able to demonstrate practical applications of ChatGPT. OpenAI launched the generative AI chatbot in November of last year and has since become a trendy buzzword on social media.


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