FC Barcelona Footballer Dani Alves Announces Luxury Watch NFT Collection

FC Barcelona footballer Dani Alves is launching a collection of 43 virtual timepieces for The Alves Trophy Collection NFTs to celebrate his trophy-laden career.
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Quick take:

  • Dani Alves has announced a luxury watch NFT collection commemorating his decorated career.
  • The Alves Trophy Collection NFTs will lunch at Dubai’s MetaTerrace on June 28.
  • The collection comprises 43 virtual watches, the same as the number of trophies Alves has won— created in collaboration with the British watchmaker Backes & Strauss.

FC Barcelona’s Dani Alves has broadened his presence in the NFT space with The Alves Trophy Collection NFTs. The Brazillian footballer will launch 43 virtual timepieces to celebrate his trophy-laden career at Dubai’s MetaTerrace on June 28.

The collection was created in collaboration with the British watchmaker Backes & Strauss, ColossalBit, which owns MetaTerrace, said in a statement on Thursday.

Commenting on the NFT collection, Christian Chalfoun, co-founder and chief technology officer of ColossalBit said: “We are honoured to collaborate with him and Backes & Strauss … as they kick off their NFT journey at MetaTerrace. It’s an exciting moment for the world of crypto and Dubai as a launchpad.”

This is not Dani Alves’ first venture in the Web3 space. The world’s most decorated footballer. In February, Alves partnered with Deni Dudaev, the founder of a digital art DAO called Club Gorgon, to be a part of its upcoming drop of digitally hand-drawn Medusa NFTs.

His current club FC Barcelona is also one of the leading football clubs looking to leverage the Web3 technology to offer an extended array of fan engagement features.

Barcelona became the first European football club to launch a metaverse and NFT venture without consulting with a Web3 firm. FC Braca pulled the plug on an initial proposal to collaborate with a blockchain technology company on an NFT project.

Alves’ move follows a similar path taken by multiple celebrities since NFTs and the metaverse exploded last year. Rapper Snoop Dogg, socialite Paris Hilton, Actors Gwyneth Paltrow and Brie Larson, and singer Justin Bieber have all launched their own NFTs and metaverse projects.

The middle-east, and especially Dubai have also been among the leading jurisdictions to embrace Web3 products including NFTs and the metaverse.

CrossBait has collaborated with more sports personalities since last year, with Dani Alves’ partnership the latest in a list that is growing fast.

Last year, the company bought an NFT of the ST DuPont pen used by football legend Diego Maradona to sign a contract with Napoli in 1984 for $26,000.

Alves has won a total of 43 trophies including nationally and with football clubs in Europe and his native Brazil.

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