Famous Comic Book Creator Todd McFarlane Takes His Toys Into the Metaverse

The Hollywood creator’s most famous characters will be available as digital collectibles starting on December 1, just in time for the festive period.
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Quick take:

  • McFarlane Toys has joined the web3 bandwagon with its first-ever digital collection of classic McFarlane Toys.
  • Some of the featured characters in the collection include Spawn, The Redeemer, and The Clown.
  • SPAWN LAUNCH SERIES will be the first in the collection and is set to debut on McFarlaneToysStore.com, on December 1. 

Todd McFarlane’s most famous comic book characters are coming to the metaverse. The Amazing Spiderman designer’s company McFarlane Toys is pivoting to web3 with its first-ever digital collection featuring characters like Spawn, The Redeemer, and The Clown.

The collection’s first release SPAWN LAUNCH SERIES is set to debut on December 1, just in time for the festivities.

Todd McFarlane is a renowned Canadian artist, writer, and filmmaker specialising in comic book characters. His company McFarlane Toys was founded in 1994 and specialises in creating highly detailed model action figures of characters from films, comics, popular music, video games and the sports industry.

McFarlane’s first foray into web3 leverages the phygital concept of NFT drops, which matches a digital NFT character with a physical version. According to the announcement, all NFT drops will be first offered via McFarlaneToysStore.com or McFarlaneToys.Digital beginning in December.

McFarlane’s custom digital store font is built on the Rarible Protocol, an NFT infrastructure platform that enables the creation of fully customized NFT experiences of any level and sophistication.

The collection is created in collaboration with teams that have worked with AAA game studios like Sony, Riot Games, Infinity Ward, Treyarch, EA, and 2K among others.

Commenting on the company’s first-ever digital collection offer, Stephan Tetrault, COO of McFarlane Toys said: “We have seen the emergence of digital collectibles as a new way to engage with fans and the toys they love. This unique space allows us to build a better platform and digital experience that can only enhance the traditional art of collecting and create a collector space that can house an infinite number of toys.”

The collection launch also comes bundled with a promo offer that encourages fans to spend at least $100 during the pre-order period in November to save 5%. There are also SPAWN SERIES 1 digital collectibles rewards for the top 500 McFarlane Toys spenders before the official debut.

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