Ethereum NFT Market Booms with Over $231M in Weekly Trading Volume

Source: Dune/@hildobby_ .

The Ethereum non-fungible token (NFT) market has seen a significant increase in activity, with over $231 million in weekly trading volume. This is a result of 154,000 traders making 474,000 transactions. The average trader made 3.1 transactions, with an average volume of $487 per transaction, and an average of $1,494 per trader.

These numbers demonstrate the growing popularity of NFTs, which are digital assets that cannot be replicated or replaced. They are often used to represent things like art, collectibles, and virtual real estate. The increasing demand for NFTs has led to a booming market, with many new investors entering the space to take advantage of the potential returns.

In addition to the Ethereum NFT market’s recent success, entertainment company Doodles is also making headlines. Doodles, the Web3 entertainment company behind its eponymous NFT project, is set to acquire animation studio Golden Wolf, known for its work on the animated series Rick & Morty. Financial terms of the deal are not revealed. Once the acquisition is complete, Golden Wolf’s team will join Doodles and its CEO will become Doodles’ Chief Content Officer.

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