Emergent Games Chooses ImmutableX for Its Web3 MMORPG, Resurgence

The metaverse and blockchain game developer has selected ImmutableX because of its high scaling capability and low gas fees.
Image source: emergent-games.io

Quick take:

  • Emergent Games has launched its web3 MMORPG on ImmutableX.
  • Resurgence joins a growing list of top web3 games including Gods Unchained, Illuvium, and Guild of Guardians on the platform.
  • The ImmutableX blockchain offers high scalability and zero gas fees, which is ideal for blockchain games.

Emergent Games has chosen ImmutableX for Resurgence, a web3 massively multiplayer online roleplaying game. Emergent is a metaverse and web3 gaming studio created by industry veterans from PlayStation, Activision, and NCsoft.

The studio has chosen ImmutableX, a layer 2 Ethereum scaling protocol to capitalise on its infinite scalability and low gas fees, two of the most important blockchain platform features for game makers. The platform also leverages the Ethereum network’s high-level security protocols and decentralisation capabilities to facilitate massive transactions in the gaming ecosystem.

Resurgence will be joining a growing list of leading blockchain games on the ImmutableX platform including Gods Unchained,  Illuvium, Guild of Guardians, and Undead Blocks, among others.

Emergent’s MMORPG imagines a post-apocalyptic earth where players come up with survival tactics as they navigate harsh conditions. Resurgence also allows players full ownership of in-game assets, including the Gen 0 Cryotag NFTs that dropped last year.

Commenting on the announcement, Ian Hambleton, CEO at Emergent Games, said: “We spent a huge amount of time assessing options for our Blockchain partner, but ImmutableX was the standout choice. They provide all the tools and technology. Plus the support that a successful web3 games developer needs. Their razor focus on gaming makes a big difference for us and their commercial model suits our vision at Emergent Entertainment of Game First high-quality AAA games, frictionless onboarding and hidden technology. We expect them to dominate web3 gaming.”

Players utilise resources around them to develop skills and weapons, trade with others and protect their assets from raiders and predators.

Emergent Games is led by top industry vets including the chairman Simon Rutter, a former EVP of Sony PlayStation, while CCO Russ Harding spent nearly a decade as the Games Director for Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.

Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable, commented: “With over four centuries combined experience of building and publishing AAA games, the team at Emergent is uniquely positioned to bring a new level of quality to web3 gaming. We’re thrilled to welcome Resurgence to the IMX ecosystem to deliver a compelling and uncompromising user experience.”


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