Disney Unveils Its Perceived Future of Entertainment in the ‘Metaverse’

Disney has unveiled a 100-year plan detailing how it plans to use its technology to enhance the future of the entertainment industry.
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Quick take:

  • Disney has unveiled details for what it perceives as the future of entertainment.
  • The company CEO Bob Chapek avoided mentioning the “M-word” as he discussed how Disney will use technology to enhance storytelling for the next 100 years.
  • In January, Disney filed a metaverse-themed technology patent for “Virtual World Simulator” signalling its foray into the metaverse.

Disney has unveiled a detailed plan of how the company plans to use its technology to usher in a new frontier in storytelling. 

Speaking at the company’s D23 Expo fan convention with Reuters, Disney CEO Bob Chapek refused to be drawn into the “M-Word” metaverse conversation, referring to the company’s venture into the industry as the next-generation storytelling.

According to Chapek Disney plans to use data obtained from metaverse visits whilst leveraging consumer streaming habits (including content from Marvel and Lucasfilm studios), to create personalised experiences.

Earlier this year, NFTgators revealed that Disney had filed a trademark application for metaverse-themed technology dubbed “Virtual World Simulator”. The technology leverages smartphone cameras and augmented reality to enable interactive theme-park tours.

Commenting on the company’s latest reveal at the convention in Anaheim, Calif, Chapek told Reuters in an interview: “The question is, how is our next-gen storytelling leveraging what we know about a guest uniquely in this Disney lifestyle, then serving up unique experiences.”

The metaverse is generally described as a 3D virtual world where people can meet immersively and interact via experiential activities like gaming and virtual concerts. The metaverse became a trendy buzzword last year when Facebook rebranded to Meta in a nod to the new direction the company was taking.

As a result, several mainstream companies have filed for trademarks signalling their future plans for the metaverse and its related verticals like NFTs and gaming.

Last year, Disney laid the groundwork for what seems like a metaverse-driven future with the appointment of technology executive, Mike White to oversee the newly created Next Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experiences unit.

White has also been tasked with assembling a technological toolkit to be deployed by the company’s creative team. According to earlier reports, has also been testing theories on augmented reality and how it could be used to enhance storytelling.

The company recently launched an 8-min film that premiered on Disney+ this week. “This could be a real big catalyst for what’s going to show up there and, you know, five to 10 years,” said Chapek.

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