Deloitte and Vatom Launch Metaverse Platform to Onboard Companies Onto Web3

Mirror World leverages Deloitte’s Unlimited Reality services and Vatom’s virtual spaces and web3 SaaS platform to connect businesses with their customers.
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Quick take:

  • Deloitte and Vatom have teamed up to launch “Mirror World”.
  • The platform will enable companies to quickly create metaverse experiences with wallet integration capabilities.
  • Mirror World utilises Deloitte’s Unlimited Reality services and Vatom’s virtual spaces and web3 SaaS platform to bring businesses together with their customers.

Deloitte has collaborated with virtual spaces tech provider Vatom to launch an immersive tech platform called “Mirror World”. The professional services provider unveiled its new platform this week, during this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain.

Mirror World utilises Deloitte’s Unlimited Reality services (a unit created to tap into the emerging segments in technology including AI, virtual reality and blockchain technology, to provide businesses with a platform that they can use to create metaverse and web3 experiences for their customers.

Mirror World also leverages Vatom’s virtual spaces technology and web3 SaaS platform to allow businesses to integrate web3 products like crypto wallets and loyalty programs into their experiences.

Commenting on the unveiling of Mirror World, Michael Stephan, U.S. human capital leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP said: “We’re incredibly excited to build upon the rapid advancements in spatial computing and artificial intelligence to create meaningful immersive experiences for global audiences.”

“We invite attendees at Mobile World Congress, both virtually and in-person, to experience Deloitte Unlimited Reality™ practice’s ‘Mirror World’ and learn more about how these metaverse applications can impact their customers, operations and workforces,” added Stephan.

As part of demonstrating the capabilities of Mirror World, Deloitte created a digital twin of its booth at MWC, allowing those unable to attend physically, to visit the stand in the metaverse. Virtual visitors were able to follow proceedings at the event while also learning more about the metaverse remotely.

According to the announcement, fans were able to learn about the intersection of artificial intelligence and the metaverse, digital twins and how simulation technology can be applied in factories, as well as, immersive soft skills for managers and an immersive tech experience for employees.

However, Mirror World has more to offer than just learning experiences. Leveraging Vatom’s web3 SaaS platform, businesses will be able to host thousands of people simultaneously in the same space and at the same time.

They will also be able to provide a consumer-first universal cross-chain wallet that can be accessed via a URL. The platform also provides a no-code drag-and-drop toolkit, enabling businesses to create Smart Programmable Objects that can be used to launch customer and employee reward programs.

Businesses will also be able to offer a collection of digital assets and tokens across all metaverse experiences.

“We’re pairing Deloitte’s Unlimited Reality services with the Vatom platform to offer unprecedented power to organizations that are looking to learn more about and engage with their target audiences at scale, whether customers or employees. With compliant data handling, and the world’s leading consumer-friendly digital wallet we are launching a truly significant experience with Deloitte that can drive real business outcomes for every company,” said Eric Pulier, chief executive officer and founder of Vatom.


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