DeFi Land Launches First Play-to-Earn Game on Solana Blockchain

DeFi Land is launching its play-to-earn game on the Solana blockchain after its non-monetary version gained plaudits to become the third most popular on the platform.
Image source: DeFi Land

Quick take:

  • DeFi Land is launching its new play-to-earn game on the Solana blockchain.
  • The popular P2E game said its current ecosystem already has 7,500 daily active users.
  • DeFi land initially ran without monetary rewards, gaining plaudits to become the third most popular game on Solana.

Leading Solana based game developer, DeFi Land has launched its first play-to-earn game on the platform. The game initially ran without monetary rewards gaining plaudits from gamers to become the third most popular game on Solana.

DeFi Land claims to have already achieved 7,500 daily active users with players just joining to have fun while running a farm. The introduction of play-to-earn elements on May 18 at 8:00 PM ET has been highly anticipated as shown by the game’s 25,000 monthly active users.

DeFi Land users can fish, shoot, farm, drive harvesters, and take care of pets, among other ecosystem activities.

Farming games are some of the most popular in the gaming and entertainment industry due to their socialized theme. DeFi Land believes its P2E mechanism could help the game become one of the biggest players in the market.

DeFi Land will reward players with the native $DFL token for participating in various gaming activities within its ecosystem. Moreover, users will be able to use the $GOLDY token to make in-game purchases, enabling them to acquire assets and NFTs.

Players will be able to move their in-game NFTs, (which sold out in an earlier NFT drop within 16 seconds) to a higher level by using both tokens.

DeFi Land raised $1.75 million from the NFT sale on launch day. Its NFTs recently witnessed a 2.5x increase in the floor price on both OpenSea and Magic Eden NFT marketplaces. 

Players must hold at least one DeFi Land Gen-0 NFT to gain access to the play-to-earn features in the game.

The game also allows users to gain access without funds in a freemium mode, within which they “can collect XP and go up the leaderboard to participate for monthly prizes, including DFL, GOLDY, and in-game NFTs.”

In an exclusive comment to NFTgators about why the team chose Solana blockchain, DeFi Land founder and team lead, DFL Erwin, said: 

“We decided to build DeFi Land on Solana as it offers an unmatched infrastructure to build on with its speed and cost. Our team believes that the only way for P2E games to survive is to build the fun game first and then integrate NFTs in it with lots of various use-cases. That’s exactly what we are doing.

DeFi Land recently teamed up with the move-to-earn blockchain game STEPN  expanding its ecosystem. The company said the strong demand shown for the non-incentivised game indicates the game has long-term sustainability.

DeFi Land is currently developing an alpha mobile version of the game, which is scheduled for launch during Q3 2022.

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