Decentralized Crowdfunding With NFT perks: JumpStart’s Plan For Creators

This article will explore the current state of conventional crowdfunding, as well as the future of decentralized crowdfunding, and how platforms like JumpStart are leading the way in this new paradigm.

Crowdfunding has revolutionized the way organizations, groups, and individuals raise capital in the 21st century. By allowing people to collectively fund projects they are interested in, it has enabled millions of worthwhile endeavors to come to fruition. Although the crowdfunding movement has been around for a while, the emergence of decentralized technologies, specifically the blockchain, is set to change the way capital is raised and markets are made. 

Dawn of Decentralized Crowdfunding

The future of crowdfunding is here, and it is decentralized. It is a new paradigm that empowers the community, reduces costs, and provides a more secure and transparent funding process. Unlike traditional, centralized crowdfunding platforms that charge fees and act as middlemen, decentralized crowdfunding utilizes blockchain technology to connect users and provide services at a fraction of the cost.

Gone are the days of relying on a single entity to control and manage the funding process. Decentralized crowdfunding puts the power back in the hands of the people, allowing for a more democratic and transparent system. Projects can be funded directly by the community without the need for intermediaries, resulting in lower costs and less room for fraud.

However, some people may feel that decentralized crowdfunding has inherited some crypto and blockchain skepticisms such as complexity, volatility, and lack of research. 

This is where JumpStart comes in.

JumpStart, an Improved Decentralized Crowdfunding Solution

JumpStart is a decentralized and multichain crowdfunding platform that enables creators, entrepreneurs, and community builders to fund their ideas using stable cryptocurrencies. As part of SideKick Finance’s suite of DeFi instruments, the platform was built to be intuitive and easy to use for anyone looking to raise capital for their projects. By offering NFTs with perks and rewards to contributors, JumpStart provides a new way for backers to gain more from contributing to projects.

A business owner looking to start a project can easily create a comprehensive and appealing campaign, and set different contribution prices, with perks, and NFTs as rewards. These NFTs are unique and can be minted, transferred, and traded on various third-party NFT marketplaces. The use of smart contracts also ensures that funds are released only when certain milestones are met, providing an added level of security for both the backers and the creators. The decentralized nature of this new crowdfunding model also makes it uncensorable and unalterable, giving creators the freedom to innovate without fear of censorship. 

Crowdfunding for a Wide Range of Projects

JumpStart is easy-to-use and compatible with multiple EVM chains (ETH, BSC, CRO, POLYGON). With a “focus on your idea, while we handle the rest” setup, the team from SideKick Finance built JumpStart to help founders beyond the funding stage. Using their vast experience in smart contract development and testing, the team built JumpStart to offer a plethora of features and smart contract integrations to make sure creators are successful. JumpStart offers a variety of projects the opportunity to fund and create a loyal community of backers right off the bat.

It is particularly well-suited for GameFi-related projects looking to crowdfund to get off the ground running. Developers exploring blockchain gaming for the first time can easily create their campaign alongside NFTs that can be used as in-game items in minutes, which can then be sold to a community of gamers- on multiple blockchains, ready to explore the games.

Another fun use case for the JumpStart platform can be influencers looking to start private communities or DAOs for their existing communities. On the JumpStart platform, they can easily create unique NFTs that represent access to their private communities and serve other use cases as well. The ongoing SideKick Finance Heroes NFT collection, for example, grant users access to their alpha groups and multiple perks and revenue streams for life.

Early Bird Advantage

The SideKick Finance team is currently offering multiple ways for creators and backers to get involved with JumpStart. First, an affiliate marketing program that offers a 10% commission to anyone who refers a successful campaign. Successful campaign, in this case, means reaching a set percentage set at the start. 

Also, the SideKick team is offering an amazing creator promotion package which includes covering the costs to create the campaign and also up to $1000 in paid promotions (AMAs, Twitter influencer partnerships, etc.)

Wrapping Up

Crowdfunding with NFTs on Web3 platforms like JumpStart empowers new projects to raise funds in a transparent and trustless way. NFTs also enable founders to build large communities around their projects and serve as long-term perks for backers. The first projects reaching their funding goal will receive extra perks, such as zero funding fees. The Web3 disruption of traditional crowdfunding platforms, like Kickstarter, has begun. Have a creative idea? Fund it with JumpStart.

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