CS:GO In-Game Skin Sells For Over $400K

Counter-Strike:GO skin prices have recently rocketed amid reports players will be able to use them in Counter-Strike: 2.
Image source: counter-strike.net

Quick take:

  • A Counter-Strike:GO skin-trader says a single gun recently sold for over $400,000.
  • The AK-47 661 ST MW with 4x Titan (Holo) features one of the rarest skins in CS:GO.
  • This comes as some CS:GO skin prices continue to rise amid reports those skins will be compatible with the recently announced Counter-Strike 2.

A Counter-Strike:GO skin-trader claims to have shepherded the sale of over $400,000 for an in-game gun.

Danish trader zipeL, a manager at CS:GO market clearinghouse SkinBid earlier this week posted the news on Twitter saying that he completed the second-largest sale in history, which included an “AK-47 661 ST MW with 4x Titan (Holo) and Karambit #387 P1 knife.”

Last year, SkinBid co-founder Luksusbums said that he will only entertain bids of over $400,000 for the rare gun. The combined sale for the two assets was $500,000 according to zipeL.

“To all those nerds that said come back to me when the [AK-47] sells for 400k you are delusional,” he wrote. 

To a lot of gamers, this came as a surprise, with one Twitter user posting “[not gonna lie] I was 100% it wouldn’t sell for $400k,” while another one was more interested in how the transaction was executed. Turns out it was paid in full according to zipeL.

However, another clearing house manager was quick to correct zipeL on his claim of shepherding the second-largest sale. VinchTheGrinch posted: “My sale back in 2014 adjusted for inflation would be $2.3 million so actually you’re #3,” with zipeL in full agreement.

The massive sale news comes at a time when CS:GO skins prices are rising amid reports that gamers will be able to use them in the recently announced Counter-Strike: 2. 

Therefore, the ability to use CS:GO skins in CS:2 seems to have triggered the current boom in skin prices, which showcases the importance of interoperability and cross-platform assets in the gaming industry. 

This is widely viewed as a crucial aspect of the next frontier of gaming. It also seems to be a key area of focus for those developing the next generation of games as more gaming studios continue to embrace the metaverse and web3.

Interoperability in blockchain gaming requires game developers to make sure that their games support the use of in-game assets from other gaming platforms or allow the purchase and sale of game NFTs minted on different blockchains.

In demonstrating the forces of demand and supply in in-game assets, interoperability enables the same number of assets to be available to a larger pool of gamers, making them rarer and more valuable. It is a case of the same supply against increased demand.

CS:GO’s “Seed 661” pattern seen on this AK-47 is considered the rarest and best scar pattern according to CS:GO Blue Gem, which describes it as “a clean and bright blue all the way through the back with a golden scar close to the rear sight.”

But even more importantly, “there are only 121 such skins that the CS:GO community knows of,” making it the rarest in the entire stack according to a blog post on the Counter-Strike game website.

This is not the first time a CS:GO AK-47 gun has sold for six figures. In 2021, a nearly identical AK-47 went for $150,000, while a Case-Hardened AK-47 was also part of a record $775,000 reported in the same year.


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