Crypto Unicorns Players to Gain More Governance Power by Staking their NFT Badges

The most active players will now be rewarded with governance power by staking their NFT badges.
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  • Laguna Games is introducing an activity-based governance model to Crypto Unicorns.
  • The Web3 gaming studio wants to reward the most active players with governance power by allowing them to stake their NFT badges.
  • Crypto Unicorns is an NFT game where players collect pets, farm and compete in multiplayer battles, earning NFT badges.

Crypto Unicorns is introducing a new governance model as it rolls out its second phase of staking. Created by web3 gaming studio Laguna Games, the game wants to reward the most active players with governance power by allowing them to stake their NFT badges.

According to the game’s version two of staking contracts deployed on Monday, active players that hold on to their tokens for the longest term will have more governance power.

Announcing the new governance model, Laguna Games said: “Starting today, Crypto Unicorns players who’ve earned in-game badges since the game’s launch will be able to stake the NFT badges.”

Crypto Unicorn rewards players with a variety of NFT badges including participation and milestone badges, as well as, voting and governance badges. “These new non-transferrable NFT badges can now be staked to improve each player’s relative voting power in the game’s governance,” the statement reads.

Commenting on the new staking model, Laguna Games CEO Aron Beierschmitt lauded the move as being “a big one”  saying it demonstrates how blockchain games governance can hand governance power to the community through a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) without veering off the tenets of decentralisation.

“The thing that’s really fascinating is just these crazy human behavioural experiments,” he said. “Because players have such agency, not only within our game but with the economy itself, the ability to enter and exit (without permission) at their discretion is really crazy.”

Crypto Unicorns is not the first blockchain gaming community to introduce a governance mechanism based on player activity.

Last June, the decentralised gaming community Saga raised $3.6 million in a round led by Animoca Brands to build a player-focused gaming platform called Soulbound. Soulbound is to be governed by a community that will be selected based on merit (player contribution to the gaming ecosystem), rather than the traditional DAO model that gives those who buy the most tokens the most power.

In February this year, Yield Guild Games, the world’s largest NFT gaming assets and player management community raised $13.8 million in a token sale led by A16z to accelerate the development of its Soulbound reputation token (SBT). SBT tokens can be used as proof of someone’s achievements, credentials and reputation in a gaming ecosystem.

And in March, Game7, the gamified community management platform launched Summon, a web3 community management protocol powered by soulbound NFT. The soulbound NFT evolves as the member contributes to the gaming ecosystem, thus unlocking higher rewards.


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