Crypto Mining On Phone; Why Miners Prefer BlockDAG X1 App

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BlockDAG, Aptos, and Filecoin are making significant strides in the crypto market, each presenting unique investment opportunities. BlockDAG has captured attention with its presale success, raising $53.2 million and achieving a 1120% price surge. This rapid growth sets an ambitious $20 target by 2027. Meanwhile, Aptos (APT) has seen its price rise to $8.41, boosted by a partnership with IONET that underscores its scalability and speed. Filecoin (FIL) is also gaining traction, with the Filecoin Foundation driving adoption through innovative storage solutions and significant network growth. 

X1 App Redefines Crypto Mining on Phone

BlockDAG has significantly bolstered market confidence with the launch of the Beta version of its X1 Miner App, revolutionizing crypto mining on phones. This advanced app, equipped with an energy-efficient consensus algorithm, ensures that mining BDAG coins doesn’t drain battery life or consume excessive data. By integrating proof of engagement into everyday devices, BlockDAG has made mining more accessible and convenient, enabling users to mine anytime, anywhere.

The Beta version is available for both iOS and Android users, with iOS access through TestFlight and Android downloads directly from the Google Play Store. The BlockDAG team will keep users updated via email as the app progresses towards full development and broader availability in app stores.

In addition to the app, BlockDAG offers a cloud mining service that leverages remote data centers, allowing users to mine without needing physical hardware. This flexible and hassle-free option has driven BlockDAG’s presale to new heights. Now in Batch 18, the coin price stands at $0.0122, a 1120% increase from Batch 1. BlockDAG’s innovative solutions ensure easy access and substantial potential for investors and crypto enthusiasts alike.

Aptos Crypto Gains Momentum with IONET Partnership

Aptos (APT) has seen a price increase, reaching $8.41, following a 2.10% rise in the last 24 hours. This uptick is attributed to Aptos’ recent partnership with IONET, a decentralized AI computing platform. IONET chose Aptos for its high speed and scalability, deploying its generative AI product on the blockchain. 

Despite the price rise, sentiment around Aptos remains bearish, with weighted sentiment at -0.493. However, social dominance has increased, indicating more discussions about Aptos among top 100 assets. Investors might consider Aptos due to its strong development activity and potential long-term benefits from the IONET partnership.

Filecoin’s Growth Surge

The Filecoin Foundation is driving widespread adoption through initiatives like user-friendly apps and hot storage solutions. In Q1 2024, the Filecoin network saw significant growth with over 2,000 clients and 3,000 storage providers, storing 1,900 PiB of data. This growth is supported by initiatives to expand the client pipeline and enhance on-chain activity. 

Filecoin’s focus on data integrity and real-time verification makes it essential for industries like healthcare and AI. With a current price of $6.13 and increasing trading volume, Filecoin’s market performance shows strong potential for future gains. Investing in Filecoin now could be a strategic move as its adoption and utility continue to rise.


BlockDAG’s impressive presale success and rapid growth position it as a standout investment with substantial return potential. The user-friendly X1 mobile miner app enables individuals, even with limited technical knowledge, to mine cryptocurrency efficiently without the need for expensive hardware. Meanwhile, Aptos (APT) shows promise with its recent price increase driven by a partnership with IONET, underscoring its scalability and long-term potential. Filecoin (FIL) is also gaining traction, with significant growth in clients and storage providers, emphasizing data integrity and real-time verification. Together, these factors make BlockDAG, Aptos, and Filecoin top crypto picks for 2024.

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