COSMOS To Use Liquid Staking, Ripple May Boom To $1, And Big Eyes Coin Greenlit For Launch

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The crypto market has always been a very volatile industry, not just in spending but also in legitimate stability. Day after day, there is a court case or violation of some law because of the unregulated area that crypto functions.

Ever since the crash of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried’s embezzlement scandal which sent the entire market into a nosedive, the powers that be have begun to overly scrutinize the entire industry.

Ripple has been in an ongoing court case with American regulatory giant, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the good part of the last few years over their apparent sale of over a billion dollars worth of tokens. The case may finally see an end shortly, and crypto analysts speculate the price may rise significantly. Cosmos-based blockchain Tenet will use liquid staking to facilitate secure transactions and Big Eyes Coin takes the final steps toward its launch in less than a month.

Ripple Expected to Hit $1

The Ripple vs. SEC case is one of the most prolific and possibly most historic cases in crypto history, apart from that of FTX. For the past few years, the SEC has been going at the throats of Ripple Exec for approving the sale of over a billion dollars worth of tokens, which was an apparent illegal transaction due to XRP being considered a security. The SEC claims that the company had violated securities laws in the US and should have registered the tokens with a regulator before selling.

In the ongoing case, there have been many interesting developments and due to this, the case verdict date has constantly been pushed back, with nothing confirmed as of yet. However, the ruling seems to be in favor of Ripple and many expect a win. If this should occur, it will create a relaxed regulatory environment for digital assets, as well as establish clarity of guidelines and regulations for companies dealing with digital assets.

With this considered, the price of Ripple is anticipated to rise significantly if the ruling is in favor of Ripple, with it possibly breaking the $1 threshold. This will be a result of more demand and greater adoption of the XRP tokens.

Cosmos Blockchain Tenet Uses Liquid Staking To Improve Security

Liquid staking is a fairly new concept in the crypto market, being recently introduced in 2020 by Lido, but growing rapidly in popularity. This liquid staking project allows users to stake their coins and collect their rewards without having to run their nodes. Tenet, a new cosmos-based blockchain has chosen to adopt this process to increase their security in the transactions.

The blockchain will allow its users to re-stake their liquid staking derivatives (LSDs) to earn additional rewards, and it will also give users tokens that are LSD equivalent, which can be used in lending apps and DEX across the entire Tenet network. The benefits of this ensure long-term security through leveraging joint security of each L1 ecosystem and increase the liquidity of the platforms.

Big Eyes Coin: Ready, Set… ALMOST Launch

Big Eyes Coin has held one of the most exciting presales in recent years with many of its users taking home an incredible amount of profit. It has constantly shown excellent potential since the first day, making $8 million in two months, and forming a strong network of investors. Currently, in the final weeks of the presale, the platform has raised over $35 million.

Big Eyes Coin has given its community many bonuses throughout the lifespan of the presale, however, in its final weeks, the stakes are higher than ever. The regular promotion of the loot boxes, valued at between $10 – $10 000, allows users to earn a 300% return with the purchase of their tokens.

In the following months, Big Eyes Coin plans to open their Kitty Casino which is exclusive to only $BIG. This 300% bonus is an excellent way for users to stockpile their tokens ahead of the launch. Use the code END300 to earn your share of $BIG tokens.

In conclusion, cryptocurrency is still a very young industry in comparison to the traditional financial market and as such, it is expected to face teething issues. On a lighter note, the new process adopted by Tenet may create a new trend for other blockchains and Big Eyes Coin is likely to make a significant impact on the larger crypto market in the next few months.

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