ConsenSys to Drop Free NFTs on the Ethereum Mainnet Post Merge

Minting of the NFTs will begin on the day of the merge.
Image source: ConsenSys

Quick take:

  • The collection is titled Regenesis.
  • The NFT illustrations depict detailed futuristic worlds that embody the benefits of the Merge.
  • Those interested can claim the NFTs on the day of the Merge via a link on ConsenSys’ Merge hub.

Blockchain software technology company and Ethereum builder ConsenSys is celebrating a merge by dropping free NFTs on the Ethereum mainnet on the day of the Merge expected between Sep 10-16. 

Named Regenesis, the NFT collection pays tribute to the open community of developers, client teams and researchers for the seven years of dedication and innovation it took to make the transition from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake possible

The collection comes in different editions including an open edition focused on the most important benefit of the Merge: sustainability. It features a series of illustrations that depict detailed futuristic worlds that embody the benefits of the Merge: sustainability, security, and scalability. 

ConsenSys partnered with Invisible North to design a series of illustrations by artist and illustrator Chris Skinner, the NFT animations were made by Keithcity Group. The art explores the scale and significance of the Merge, an ambitious re-architecture of the Ethereum blockchain. 

The NFT is free to mint on the day of the merge at 9am EST via a link posted on ConsenSys’ Merge hub. However, this could change closer to the Merge as ConsenSys gets a better idea of exactly when minting can begin. The claim window will remain open for 72 hours. 

Users can mint as many as they want via individual transactions. The only cost incurred is the gas fees for every mint. Members of the Protocol Guild will receive an airdrop of the full NFT collection. These limited edition NFTs were created specifically for this team and will include the team members’ names embedded in the metadata on some of the first blocks of the PoS Ethereum they helped create.

Over the past two years, the ConsenSys team has driven the roadmap for some of the Merge’s most important elements, such as proposing a Beacon Chain spec and formally verifying both the Eth2 spec and its corresponding Deposit Smart Contract. 

The team also played a role in designing Validator Withdrawal mechanisms, helping to shape both EIP 1559 and the Engine API, developing an institutional grade Eth2 staking client (Teku), execution layer client (Hyperledger Besu) and remote signer (Web3Signer) all while participating in critical testnets and regular implementers calls.

In anticipation of the Merge, Web3 platforms like Circle, OpenSea and LooksRare have taken a clear stance on solely supporting Ethereum’s PoS network post Merge, while Binance and Coinbase are open to listing tokens on the PoW fork, should it arise.

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