Collection’s NFT DEX Protocol Goes Live on Goerli Testnet

The NFT DEX allows users to pool NFTs based on token IDs, traits or rarity.
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Quick take:

  • Users looking to trade NFTs can instantly buy and sell with the pools that are created.
  • The platform charges 0% protocol fees.
  • Pool creators will set the royalties for their pools. 

NFT liquidity incentive protocol, Collection, has launched an NFT DEX now live on the Goerli testnet. The platform allows users to pool NFTs based on token IDs, traits or rarity.

On the platform, users can trade NFT via automated market makers (AMM). Collection’s protocol enables users to target individual tokens, groups, or the whole collection. For instance, users can create a pool that buys and sells only Gold Fur BAYC or three-letter ENS domains.

Those looking to trade NFTs can instantly buy and sell with the pools that are created, with 0% protocol fees. The protocol also allows liquidity providers to honour royalties to NFT creators. Pool creators will be responsible for setting the royalties for their pools. 

“’s new design solves a long overlooked challenge with liquidity pools excluding a large number of NFTs that trade at a premium to their collection floor,” says Chris Sirise, Partner at Saison Capital. “Combined with their incentive vaults product, there is now a holistic liquidity solution for both creators and collectors.”

Collection is one of the main products of NFT infrastructure startup, Gomu. The startup previously raised $5 million in seed funding. Collection also offers any individual with NFT and ETH tokens the ability to create a liquidity pool on NFT DEX Sudoswap and receive a tokenized representation of their ownership. 

NFT projects will be able to set the parameters that they are looking to incentivize by creating a vault which attracts NFT holders to create liquidity pools and stake their liquidity pool tokens against the vaults to earn rewards and incentives or use the tokens as collateral in other protocols.

“We believe that NFT DEX infrastructure is essential for the growth of the NFT industry in all market conditions,” says Spencer Yang, core contributor for and CEO of Gomu. “The unique features we’re introducing with our launch with advanced pooling, incentive vaults, royalties set by liquidity providers and no protocol fees will be a game changer for the industry.”

Users who want to launch derivative NFTs can create NFT raffles or token mining to liquidity providers (LP) with Draw incentive vaults coming soon on mainnet. 

The NFT DEX code base is also undergoing an audit in preparation for its launch on the Ethereum mainnet, slated for Q1 2023.



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