ChainGuardians Creator Launches Cryptoverse, the Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Metaverse

The team behind role-playing blockchain game ChainGuardians has launched Cryptoverse, an Unreal Engine 5-powered metaverse that will bring P2E games to the masses.
Image source: ChainGuardians

Quick take:

  • ChainGuardians creator is launching a metaverse powered by the advanced Unreal Engine 5.
  • The makers of the popular play-to-earn RPG want to bring blockchain gaming to the masses.
  • Cryptoverse wants to bring together businesses and players in one connected world, delivering value to both sides.

The team behind the popular role-playing game (RPG) ChainGuardians is going full-throttle on the metaverse agenda. The play-to-earn game maker has launched Cryptoverse, a gaming metaverse powered by the most advanced gaming engine, Unreal Engine 5.

The team is creating an interconnected world, joining both businesses and players in a mutually beneficial relationship. As a result, the team wants Cryptoverse to be the metaverse platform that brings blockchain gaming to the masses.

The Cryptoverse is created with the modern gamer in mind, adding social layers and gamification mechanics to improve the user experience. But before adding all these unique attraction features, Cryptoverse made sure to get the basics right, integrating the platform with avatars, vehicles, buildings, land plots — all powered by interoperable non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Cryptoverse is an immersive virtual world made of eight adventurous islands, each representing a different Zone in the metaverse. The platform has aesthetically tailored each zone to its targeted community but also allows gamers and inhabitants to customize it to their liking, resulting in an ever-evolving metaverse.

The powerful system is created on Unreal Engine 5, which enables the creation of imagery bordering on true photo-realism. The Cryptoverse also improves user experience by adding VR, AR, and XR experiences.

Designers and creators can rely on the platform’s system developer kit (SDK) to create and build their virtual characters and buildings. 

The platform’s social layer is fully-integrated with NFT sharding and combination capabilities. It also leverages the Prana system to create social engagement opportunities.

The Cryptoverse said it will soon offer a pre-sale virtual LAND inside The Hub, a central zone where all Cryptoversians can gather. The pre-sale will be offered at a 10% discount when purchasing from partner launchpads and NFT marketplaces.

The Cryptoverse also encourages fan ownership through the CGG token used on ChainGuardians.

Commenting on the launch, Robbie Cochrane, Co-Founder of The Cryptoverse said “within the Cryptoverse, users will be empowered to create, own LAND, govern and monetize experiences using CGG, the token which also underpins the ChainGuardians and ChainBoost ecosystem.”

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