Cere Network ‘Pioneers’ Content Monetization Platform for NFT-Backed Experiences

Cere Network teams up with Polygon Studios to launch DaVinci, the ‘world’s first’ content monetization platform for NFT-backed experiences.
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Quick take:

  • Cere Network has partnered with Polygon to launch DaVinci, a content monetisation platform for NFT-backed experiences.
  • The DaVinci platform leverages Cere Network’s DDC and Cere Freeport to offer personalised content streaming to NFT holders.
  • Each NFT created on the DaVinci platform remains linked to the original creators allowing them to earn royalties.

Decentralised Data Cloud (DDC) platform Cere Network has collaborated with Polygon Studios to launch DaVinci, the ‘world’s first’ content monetisation platform for NFT-backed experiences.

Cere describes its content monetization platform as an all-in-one Web3 media platform, which will be powered by its Decentralised Data Cloud (DDC) and Cere Freeport smart contracts, enabling creators to earn royalties from their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) after selling them to collectors.

Cere Freeport is an NFT minting protocol deployed on the Polygon network, enabling it to leverage the blockchain ecosystem’s NFT and blockchain gaming arm, Polygon Studios. The three technological ecosystems, enable DaVinci to offer personalised content streaming to NFT holders via smart contracts.

Creators on the DaVinci platform will be able to utilise Cere Freeport NFT smart contract toolset, enabling them to mint and sell functional NFTs that grant buyers access to exclusive content.

Each NFT mintent on DaVinci is uniquely linked to a smart contract, which retains exclusive access to any new content offered by the creator. Fred Jin, Co-founder of Polkadot-inspired Cere Network said DaVinci eliminates a major problem of security of NFTs on the blockchain.

Commenting on the DaVinci launch, since most NFT content is not stored securely on the blockchain, it is possible the NFT could lose its content, and thus the associated value.

“The DaVinci platform solves this problem via Cere DDC’s secure decentralized content delivery innovations. We’re really breaking new ground here, both for the entertainment industry and consumer enterprises, through a new standard for decentralizing data/content along with the Polygon team,” Jin added.

Besides enjoying the security of the content associated with their NFTs, artists will also be able to leverage DaVinci’s community tools to engage with users, thereby creating content tailored to NFT holders. In return, this will create fan loyalty whilst boosting the value of those NFTs.

Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder of Polygon thinks that the world has only witnessed the tip of the iceberg of what NFTs are capable of. Commenting on the collaboration, he said that there is a lot more that artists could achieve using DaVinci and the rest of the NFT ecosystem.

“Artists, performers and brands get more revenue from their unique content, while fans get better experiences and secure delivery of their assets. Everyone’s a winner here and we’re excited for this new standard for artist and fan engagement,” he said.

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