CEEK Metaverse, Daddy Yankee and Lito Launch Special Edition “El Gran Robo 2”

Leading VR and metaverse platform CEEK has collaborated with Daddy Yankee and Lito to bring a special edition of the sequel “El Gran Robo 2”.
Image source: CEEK VR

Quick take:

  • CEEK Metaverse has teamed up with Daddy Yankee and Lito to debut a special edition of the “El Gran Robo”.
  • The anticipated sequel in Latin music features a 360 VR experience and NFT.
  • The award-winning performances will be on the CEEK website and on the CEEK VR App.

CEEK Metaverse has extended its experiential entertainment segment in a new partnership with Daddy Yankee and Lito in the sequel “El Gran Robo 2”. This edition has tapped on the Web3 craze to add unique features including a 360 experience and NFT.

The “El Gran Robo 2” was filmed across 25 locations between San Juan, Puerto Rico, Miami, FL and North Carolina spanning 11 days to create the mini-movie. 

Commenting on the partnership, Lito MC Cassidy said: “As a director, having the opportunity to present to the fans this 360 VR experience and NFT takes the music video BTS to a whole other level and makes them feel part of the music video production.”

The partnership with CEEK will allow fans to visit its metaverse and enjoy VR-based immersive experiences at sites like the Cabana Club, Casino Hotel, and the Old San Juan Fort, as well as walk down the streets of Puerto Rico.

They will also be able to participate in unique scavenger hunts to win various accessories, including CEEK VR headsets and headphones. 

The CEEK metaverse has leveraged its Web3 expertise and experience to create a limited edition NFT collection celebrating Lito and Daddy Yankee’s body of work. The collection will allow fans to play a part in the two celebrities’ distinctive visual expressions.

CEK Virtual Reality founder and CEO Mary Spio commented: “Having the virtual reality and NFT component makes perfect sense. You have multiple spectacular locations that fans can visit virtually. The El Gran Robo 2 NFT Collection enables fans to own a piece of history and be forever connected in a truly unique way to the artist they love and cherish.”

CEEK is a metaverse platform focused on experiential activities. The company has collaborated with some of the leading musical artists across the world with its portfolio of partners boasting the likes of Lito, Daddy Yankee, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, and Ziggy Marley, among others.

The platform users are called Ceekers and can enjoy among other activities, virtual concerts, engage in metaverse gaming or experience 360 videos from the iOS or android with CEEK VR headset.

“El Gan Robo 2” is part of Lito’s  Grammy Award-winning Album “La Jaula de los Vivos” shisha is based on a fictional town with systemic racism.

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