Buer Bear Teams Up with Highstreet to Bring Its Famous Toys to the Metaverse

Metaverse gaming platform Highstreet and Chinese digital toy art creator Buer Bear have teamed up to launch genesis phygital collectibles.
Image source: buerbear.com

Quick take:  

  • Buer Bear has collaborated with Highstreet to bring its BuerBear toys to the metaverse.
  • The two companies have teamed up to launch genesis Phygital collectibles on Highstree’s bonding curve market mechanism.
  • The drop will comprise 200 BeurBear tokens, each backed by a digital BuerBear in Highstreet’s metaverse along with a physical art toy.

Leading metaverse gaming platform Highstreet has announced the genesis BuerBear NFT phygital collectible NFTs in collaboration with the Chinese digital toy art creator. 

The two companies will drop 200 BuerBear tokens fully backed by a digital BuerBear in Highstreet’s bonding curve market mechanism along with a physical toy art. The airdrop will be available on July 11, giving Buer Bear its inaugural Web3 debut.

BuerBear is also looking to create its first physical product through this partnership after finding success in the traditional toy art market. The company is foraying into Web3 to establish to allow its fans to explore digital collectibles via Highstreet’s automated price discovery feature.

Commenting on the partnership, Jenny Guo, Co-Founder of Highstreet said: “As Highstreet develops a diverse set of partnerships to reach new users, we found no better partner that can capture the spirit of the times and bring the Highstreet community together than BuerBear.” 

“We are excited to bring their first phygital bears to the Highstreet World Metaverse while also breathing life into the art toy and urban fashion sectors,” she added.

The BuerBear phygital collectibles will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain, giving owners the 200 $BEAR token NFTs an opportunity to redeem digital BuerBear that offers utility within the Highstreet World Metaverse.

The phygital collectibles feature a design created exclusively for Highstreet, telling unique stories about different themes most relevant to the Gen-Z users.

“This initial BuerBear x Highstreet collaboration marks our first step into the metaverse at a time that is rich for storytelling through our BuerBear. The digital metaverse that Highstreet provides gives us an additional canvas to tell a more vivid and compelling story about our world today,” said Jone Qian, Founder of BuerBear.

Highstreet and BuerBear are not the first to blend the physical toy world with the world of NFTs. recently, Mattel partnered with OnChain Studios to launch the Cryptoys NFT platform on Flow blockchain. 

The company also partnered with Gary Vaynerchuk to launch VeeFriends UNO Deck earlier this year.

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