Brut Debuts Cannes Film Festival in Epic Games’ Fortnite Metaverse

The world’s famous Cannes Film Festival is coming to the Fortnite metaverse courtesy of Brut and Epic Games.
Image source: Brut/YouTube

Quick take:

  • The Cannes Film Festival has capitalised on its partnership with Brut to jump on the metaverse train.
  • The world’s biggest film festival will debut on Epic Games’ Fortnite metaverse.
  • Brut has already launched a promo teaser recreating the festival’s famous backdrop.

Cannes Film Festival is coming to the metaverse thanks to Brut Media and Epic Games. The world’s most famous film festival will make its metaverse debut on the Fortnite. Cannes has partnered with Brut to launch several tech-driven initiatives aimed at the new generation of fans.

Brut is a value-driven digital app used by brands to launch new digital strategies. It was founded by Guillaume Lacroix and is backed by some of the leading media moguls including James Murdoch and François-Henri Pinault.

Commenting on his company’s latest initiative, Lacroix, co-founder and CEO of Brut said: “It was important to us to be able to steer the Cannes Film Festival into a format used by the next generations. The largest film festival in the world should be accessible to everyone: video game platforms are the perfect way to engage with this generation.”

Lacroix said his company has been developing specific expertise around these new technologies in line with its commitment to innovation. “Brut is in the process of building an exciting metaverse in which we’ll play a key role,” he added.

Vysena, a popular French studio, which develops virtual maps has already created an exact replica of several features and settings of Croisette, the Palais des Festivals, where the Cannes Fim Festival takes place. The startup claims the maps will “boast the ultra-realistic, Brut-style visual and audio universe.”

Brut is also planning to host a House of Creators, composed o about 100 joining from all corners of the world. The creators will be meeting high-profile filmmakers, actors and agents in small groupings. 

Cannes Film Festival’s metaverse leap comes just days after Canary Island’s based Animayo also made the big step to the 3D virtual worlds. The metaverse has become a focal point for experiential events and global cultural events organisers seem to have taken the opportunity to extend their connection with fans.

Brut’s partnership with Cannes also comes hot on the heels of its collaboration with Emily Yang, a pioneering NTF artist known as Pplpleasr, to organize a fundraiser.

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